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5 Reasons For Colleges And Educational Institutes To Consider Landscaping

June 2, 2022
5 Reasons For Colleges And Educational Institutes To Consider Landscaping
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Landscape design has such a huge effect on the way people feel and think, but it’s so often overlooked. For students and employees, quality landscaping for colleges has a profound impact on the way they think and feel every day.

The role of landscape in campus design is significant, giving employees and students relaxing places to study and eat lunch on sunny days and creating a vibrant and attractive environment from the entrance gates to the classroom door.

At Earth Development, we help businesses and educational establishments across the Midwest make the most of their properties. We keep lawns green and healthy, provide expert landscaping consultation, create flower beds that look amazing, and use hardscaping to make outdoor spaces functional as well as attractive.

We also like to share our knowledge and experience with readers here on our website, and in this piece, we’ll take a look at five reasons why colleges and schools should consider landscaping.

Improving College Safety

Landscaping in college

Believe it or not, but it’s possible to improve college safety through landscape design.

There are lots of things that property managers can do to make outdoor spaces safer, and our local team of landscapers at Earth Development regularly deploy these tactics to help keep students safe.

Some examples include:

  • Pruning trees to prevent branches from falling and keeping pathways clear.
  • Ensuring that all hardscapes are well-maintained and safe to use.
  • Maintaining proper drainage to prevent flooding and the build-up of ice in winter.
  • Maintaining vegetation to avoid ticks.

There’s so much more we can do to help keep students safe through clever landscaping methods.

Creating Outdoor Gathering Places

What college or school doesn’t have an amazing outdoor space that students use to play sports, gather and study, have picnics, or just relax? Creating green spaces that are functional is essential for maintaining a good community spirit on campus, and these green spaces can be so much more than just a field.

Whether it’s incorporating benches and gazebos or installing features and fountains that look great, Earth Development helps you create a campus landscape design that will inspire students for generations.

Boosting Everyone’s Mood

Beyond inspiring students who actively use your outdoor spaces, just ensuring that people have something attractive to look at through the classroom windows is a great way to boost morale and inspire.

Studies have repeatedly shown that people feel more positive and inspired when surrounded by nature rather than vast, gray concrete spaces.

From planting bulbs that deliver splashes of color in the spring and summer to planting more trees and ensuring lawns stay healthy and green, educational institutes and students alike can seriously benefit from keeping outdoor spaces looking amazing.

Improving Performance

Boosted mood means boosted performance – and that’s not just true for the students. There’s an important reason for surrounding a college with a beautiful landscape, which was shown by a study from the University of Illinois Department of Landscape Architecture.

The study found that students did better in exams as well as in the classroom when the outdoor landscape was properly maintained. Incredibly, it showed that performance improved by some 13% when students viewed a green lawn outside the window, compared to those who didn’t.

Creating A Professional Atmosphere

Professional landscaping at school

Beyond performance, the simple fact that your educational establishment went to the effort to not just maintain the lawn but to create attractive and functional outdoor spaces, shows the world that your academic institution means business.

The landscape surrounding your institution reflects your commitment to professionalism and discipline, and this is important when showing prospective new students around your facility.

A professionally maintained outdoor space is a severe landscape, showing the world that your school cares about how it is perceived in the world. At Earth Development, we work with schools and colleges to develop a plan, come up with new ideas, and ensure that every inch of their outdoor space reflects their professionalism and commitment to excellence.

We’ll Ensure Your School Realizes Its Full Potential with Amazing Outdoor Spaces

Earth Development’s teams of local landscape professionals across the Midwest know what it takes to create incredible outdoor spaces for educational institutions of all sizes.

We’ll help your school realize its potential, create a better environment for students, and ensure every visitor is impressed by what they see.

For a free consultation, quote, and to find out more about how we can help your school, why not get in touch?

Reach out online or call Earth Development today on (866) 838-1422.

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