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Snow Removal: Is It a Good Idea to Use Salt on Parking Lots?

May 24, 2019
Snow Removal: Is It a Good Idea to Use Salt on Parking Lots?
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As a business owner, you have a lot to think about. As winter approaches and the threat of inclement weather looms near, one of the things you need to give a lot of thought to is liability. If someone slips in your ice-covered parking lot, will you be responsible for the bills if the person needs medical attention? What if one car slides on the ice and damages another vehicle on your private property? Will you have to pay for the requisite repairs?

While those are certainly questions for your property and casualty insurance agent, it’s generally wise to do everything possible to keep your parking lot free of snow and ice at all times. One popular way to do this is to use road salt. Salt is generally affordable, efficient, effective, and convenient.

To determine if it’s a good idea to use salt on your parking lot, let’s take a look at road salt’s benefits on a larger scale by examining its effects on roadways. By understanding the bigger picture when it comes to salt, you’ll be better prepared to decide whether salting your parking lot is the right move for you.


Hands down, the biggest benefit of using road salt on your parking lot is increased safety. According to a study conducted by the American Highway Users Alliance, using salt to de-ice roadways can reduce accidents by as much as 93 percent. In addition to significantly reducing accidents, salt is usually affordable to buy and it doesn’t normally require a big investment to apply to a parking lot even if you buy the equipment necessary to spread salt yourself.

Since 1999, Earth Development, Inc. has been providing exterior ice removal services that businesses of all sizes can rely on. If you’re worried about how you should keep your parking lot free of snow and ice in the winter, you don’t have to be. We’re experts in snow removal and ice management and we’ll develop a custom commercial snow removal solution for your location. Contact Earth Development, Inc. to learn more about our exterior services today.

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