Minnesota Winter-ready checklist

Tips for Assessing the Readiness of Minnesota Commercial Real Estate for the Winter

Even though it may seem like winter is far away, it will be here before we know it. Reflect on last winter to determine what you could improve upon this year in terms of commercial snow removal. Here are some questions to consider for a successful winter ahead.

Is There Sufficient Storage Space for Plowed Snow?

The amount of snow Minnesota gets each winter fluctuates, but it’s typically safe to expect a consistent amount throughout the winter months. Last year, did you have enough space on your property to store plowed snow? Keep in mind there should also be enough room for parking and clear visibility on your property to prevent accidents.

Cars should be able to easily drive in and out of your commercial property without trying to see around a snowbank. You may also want to consider whether or not you were able to retrieve any solid items that appeared after the snow melts. If last year was a nightmare, create a game plan for this year’s snow accumulation.

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Is There Any Way for the Melt Water to Escape?

Once the snow falls, it needs somewhere to go once it has melted. Evaluate your commercial property’s ability to properly and efficiently drain without damaging soil or plants underneath. The last thing you’ll want is piles of standing dirty snow water that percolates into your property and damages your expensive landscaping.

Consider whether or not last year’s snowmelt was contaminated and whether or not it had a proper place to drain. As a commercial property owner, it’s also important to consider if the possible pollutants in the melt had an impact on the surrounding property.

Are There Defects in Your Parking Lot and Sidewalks?

Plowing your property means having a safe space for customers to drive and walk around your property. Since there’s no snow currently, take a look at your commercial property and make a note of any cracks, uneven land, or other land imperfections that could make snow plowing dangerous.

Take note of any shrubs, bushes, signage, curbing, etc., that could make plowing on your property difficult or even dangerous.

It’s also important to notice any uneven spots on your property as it could result in standing water that freezes and causes a potential slip-and-fall accident. Being mindful of these property aspects will make for a safer winter ahead.

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Is Everything Covered in Your Contract with the Snow Removal Company?

Perhaps the most important part in preparing for the winter ahead is ensuring you have a skilled, trained commercial snow removal company ready to assist you. If so, evaluate your current contract to see if you should make any changes before winter hits this year.

Maybe you need the company to come more often to stay on top of the copious amounts of snow. Or maybe you want to add on an additional service beyond plowing such as ice control, ice removal, or last-minute emergency services. Start planning ahead for the upcoming winter season.


Does thinking about the upcoming winter season worry you? With a seasoned commercial snow removal company such as Earth Development, Inc. on your side, your property will be safe and maintained regardless of the weather.

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