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10 Tips for Improving Industrial Buildings and Warehouses Landscaping

September 28, 2022
 10 Tips for Improving Industrial Buildings and Warehouses Landscaping
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From huge parking lots to busy loading bays, industrial sites come with their own unique challenges when it comes to commercial landscape design and maintenance.

At Earth Development, we work with companies across many industries in the Midwest, including businesses with manufacturing, warehouse, and other industrial properties. We provide reliable landscaping maintenance services, and here are 10 top tips that come directly from our decades of experience in this field.

Add Trees

One of the first things we recommend for factory buildings and similar sites is to add trees. These add some color and new dimensions to a property that is usually fairly one-dimensional and even help create boundaries and block your building off from main roads or other sites.

Choose evergreen trees like cedar and maple, and you can enjoy this effect all year round without the added hassle of cleaning up dead leaves in the fall.

Entrance Appeal

Landscaping for Industrial Buildings and Warehouses

When it comes to landscape design, entrance appeal is important. It’s essential for commercial buildings, and just as important for industrial buildings. Whether you have investors, colleagues, or potential new customers visiting your site, a good landscape design shows your commitment to your brand.

Driveway entrances are the place to add color, whether that comes in the form of trees or shrubs or even hardscaping. Keep your entrance looking fantastic, and you’ll ensure the best possible first impression when people visit your building.

Highlight Signage

Building on the concept of entrance appeal, let’s consider your signage. Shrubs, trees, and a well-maintained lawn are complementary to your signage, helping the sign look bigger and your property more attractive.

Combine a flower bed immediately surrounding the signage with a healthy green lawn, and you’ll create an enticing and professional look right at the entrance of your property. Your sign and logo will also be more recognizable and noticeable from a distance.

Rodent Issues

Your landscaping decisions on your industrial property have an impact on the possibility of a rodent infestation. If you find rodents around your property, it could be a result of dense ground surrounding your property, which is a perfect environment for rodents to tunnel and nest.

To help prevent rodents from tunneling, consider gravel or river rock, or even woody perennials. This helps disrupt the soil and make it harder for rodents to tunnel through the ground.

Keep Branches Trimmed

Factory and Warehouses Landscaping

Having trees on your property offers a host of benefits. They don’t just look good but they even give shade to parking lots and loading bays. However, tree maintenance is essential to protect against falling branches.

Regular branch trimming can help with this, as can ongoing maintenance landscaping care for your property. Keep those trees thinned out and pruned, and you’ll enjoy all the benefits of trees with minimal-to-zero disruption.

Think About Parking Lot Islands

A parking lot island adds a pop of color to large parking lots, breaking up that vast, gray space. These islands can be outlined by brick or paving stones and can contain small patches of lawn, shrubs, colorful plants, or even trees.

On particularly large parking lots, incorporating trees into your parking lot islands helps provide shade – something your employees and customers will appreciate on sunny days.

Add A Pop Of Color!

Regular yards burst into color when the spring comes, and enjoy whole new splatters of color in the summer. So why can’t your industrial property?

By incorporating flower beds into your lawns or parking lot islands, you can give your industrial space pops of color that raise a smile throughout the year and help create a comfortable environment for everybody.

Combine seasonal plants with evergreen trees, and you can ensure there’s color all year round.

Consider Drainage

Landscaping for Factory and Warehouses

When considering landscaping options on your property, don’t forget about drainage. A sloping property may experience flooding in certain parts of the property, causing problems not only when it rains but also when the temperatures drop and that water turns into ice.

Landscaping professionals assess your property and determine the right drain option for you, and there are many ways to improve drainage with the use of plants, trees, and rock. From river rock that helps direct water to plants and groundcovers that slow down the flow of water, there are many options to choose from.

Create a Better Environment for Employees

Companies across every industry are doing more than ever to make working environments the kind of place people want to be. Strive for an environment that isn’t just safe, but inspires your workers to remain healthy, active, and focused.

Landscaping is a great way to do this, and Earth Development can help you create an outdoor space that gives employees somewhere to relax on their break, and to focus when taking calls or handling business matters outdoors.

Whether it’s an outdoor lunch area with picnic benches and tables, colorful plants, and shaded areas with trees, our landscaping specialists can help you create something amazing for your staff.

Add Lighting

Lighting is a key part of the landscaping, too. Earth Development landscaping experts help industrial property owners identify areas of their outdoor space that would benefit from improved lighting, helping prevent accidents, and making employees feel safer walking to and from their cars on winter mornings and evenings.

Lighting can also help improve the visuals of your building, allowing you to highlight interesting architecture on your building, your trees, or your signs.

Call the Midwest’s Trusted Industrial Landscaping Specialist

Just because your business property is industrial doesn’t mean it needs to look industrial. Clever landscaping can transform your property to create a better environment for your staff, and to show the world your commitment to professionalism. An industrial space with a well-maintained lawn and clever landscaping signal a business putting its best foot forward and creating the best possible first impression.

Earth Development has teams of expert landscapers throughout the Midwest, helping business owners maintain their lawns, develop new landscaping designs, and so much more.

Call Earth Development today on (866) 838-1422 for a free quote and consultation. Contact us today!

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