What Is Integrated Pest Management?

Our integrated pest management services prevent, monitor, and control all kinds of infestations and pest problems. We use an array of treatments and regular maintenance to keep soil healthy and fungi-free. The process ranges from dethatching to the application of high-quality and safe pesticides.

 We understand not just the importance of integrated pest management but the importance of regular, scheduled visits to maintain protection for your lawn.

Benefits of IPM (Integrated Pest Management)

There are lots of reasons to call integrated pest management companies like Earth Development. Not only does our local team offer great prices and professionalism, our pest management services bring you:

Pest Prevention 

Our integral pest management prevents turf pests that harm the health of your lawn by ensuring proper mowing, thatch removal, aeration, and more.  

Pest Monitoring 

We’ll also monitor your lawn and soil throughout the year, taking into account weather conditions and taking pre-emptive measures to stop new fungi or pest infestations. 

Pest Controlling 

We provide integrated insect pest management for those already suffering from lawn damage because of an infestation, working to return your lawn to a healthy condition.

Why Clients Say we’re the Best Local Outdoor Pest Control Company

Clients trust Earth Development’s integrated pest management services because of the commitment and professionalism of our local landscaping teams. We go the extra mile to ensure you never have to worry about a pest problem. 

Working with Earth Development ensures:

  • Lasting, Effective Pest Control
  • Convenient Scheduling
  • Transparent Pricing
  • Hassle-Free Regular Maintenance
  • Regular Communication

…and a safer, healthier garden!

Our power in numbers

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We've been in the lawn care business for over 20 years offering excellent services and customized plans for commercial clients

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We proudly serve over 1000 locations throughout the Midwest. Let lawn maintenance be one less thing you to worry about.

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98% of our clients are so satisfied with our lawn maintenance services, they stick around the next year.

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In our 20 years in business, our team has managed over 250,000 acres.

Integrated Pest Management FAQ

Want to know more? Take a look at these answers to some of the most common pest control services questions we get.

  • What is the best time to do pest management?

    That really depends on the kind of treatment we’re performing. For some pests, it’s best to perform pest management treatments during the spring. Other procedures may require waiting until the fall.  

    We’ll perform a full assessment of your property to determine what maintenance options are best for you and when they should be executed.

  • What pest management products do you apply to my lawn?

    We apply a range of weed killers, pesticides, pesticide-free alternatives, and other products to your lawn and outdoor space to beat pests. Our team will walk you through every option available, explaining the pros and cons, and will make sure you make an informed decision.

  • What pests and services do your lawn and outdoor service include?

    Lawns can be affected by a range of pests, from japanese beetles and grub worms to chinch bugs, disease, and fungi. We offer comprehensive prevention, treatment, and maintenance, which also includes soil aeration and treatment. 

  • Could you please let me know if you offer your services near me?

    We serve customers throughout Michigan, South Dakota, North Dakota, Missouri, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin. You can find a full list of regions we serve right here on this page, but if you’re still not sure, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

Charla Krupa, Shields Facilities Maintenance
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I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work this season! This year has certainly been a strange one and I appreciate you being on the front lines during the chaos. You did a wonderful lawn care job and I look forward to continuing working with you in the springtime of 2021! I hope you have a wonderful holiday season, and a safe winter season! Thanks so much!
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We are very happy with how Earth Development has been handling our account. We REALLY like the Sitefotos reports that are being sent to us. It gives us a great idea on how the site is looking and allows for us to look through the photos and decide if we want to go ahead with any of the recommended work. For example trees or bushes that block the line of sight for drivers or pedestrians, bushes/branches hanging into sidewalks, etc. Also, big props for how quickly you respond to issues! With 45 sites not everything is going to be perfect all of the time, but the fact that Earth Development addresses issues immediately when they come up is a huge help. We want to give a huge shout out and Thank You to Earth Development. We appreciate all the improvements you've made, and how good your communications and service has been. Keep up the good work!

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