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12 Commercial Landscaping Maintenance Tips for Property Managers

April 26, 2023
12 Commercial Landscaping Maintenance Tips for Property Managers
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Maintaining your outdoor space can be difficult, with every season posing new challenges for your lawn, plants, shrubs, and trees.

Earth Development’s expert team of commercial landscaping professionals helps businesses across the Midwest maintain their outdoor space, and the following 12 tips are ideal for property managers in Minneapolis, Milwaukee, and beyond.

Invest in Landscape Design

Investing in landscape design is your first step. An outdoor space that looks well kept and maintained is great for your business, especially if customers see it. Invest in landscape design and your professionalism will be obvious outside of your building and not just inside.

There are many other benefits to landscape design, but this is the first step towards having an outdoor space that looks great.

Incorporate Hardscaping

Hardscaping refers to the use and construction of man-made parts of your yard or garden. This might include stone walls, pergolas, walkways, patios, and ponds.

Hardscape designs improve the curb appeal of your commercial property and show that you care about how your business presents itself.

Install a Quality Irrigation System

Lawn Irrigation Property Manager Tips

Next are the irrigation tips. Any property that has shrubs, plants, trees, or a lawn will require excellent irrigation to keep those plants alive.

It is possible to water your plants and lawn by hand, but a professional irrigation system can be completely automated, saving you hours every week. Our team at Earth Development can also provide regular irrigation and maintenance services.

Don't Get Rid of Native Plants

There’s a reason why native plants thrive so well in your yard – it’s because they’re meant to be there!

Native plants have already adapted to the climate and the environment. They often require less water, are more resistant to drought, and can even help deter pests that are native to the land and environment that they prefer.

Keep those native plants around and you’ll have an easier time maintaining.

Fertilize Regularly

Choosing the right fertilizer is so essential. Not every fertilizer is the same and every plant requires something different.

Fertilizing regularly, often at the end of the summer season and in the spring, ensures your plants have the resources they need to grow strong and healthy.

Don't Forget About Proper Drainage

We’ve already talked about irrigation – now let’s talk drainage.

Without a proper drainage system, your lawn may easily flood, killing off your grass and other plants that aren’t adapted to living in marshy conditions.

There are lots of ways to ensure proper drainage, whether that involves using the natural contours of the land in your landscaping design, or building a French drain system that funnels water into an underground pipe.

Invest in Pest Control

Commercial Landscaping Maintenance Tips for Property Managers

Pest control is essential, too. Whether it’s an insect infestation or fungus, pests can cause serious damage not just to your plants but also to your soil.

Earth Development landscaping experts can help you stay on top of a range of pests, identifying problems before they get worse and solving infestations as soon as you notice them.

Lay on Mulch

Mulch has long been used to help protect plants, whether that’s stopping the elements from washing away the topsoil, or even maintaining the soil’s temperature, or preventing the build-up of water.

From stones to bark chips, there are many mulch options, each one coming with its own range of benefits and drawbacks. Knowing which one to use is really important, and the Earth Development team can help with that.

Implement Weed Control

Getting rid of weeds is about more than just pulling weeds when you see them – it’s about ensuring that their roots do not infest the soil and cause problems this year and next.

Earth Development provides effective weed control services, stopping the spread of these pesky plants and preventing them from causing damage to your mulch and plants.

Maintain Your Lawn

Lawn Maintenance Tips for Commercial Property Managers

Many businesses with outdoor space will have a lawn. They look great when well maintained, and prove that your business cares about being sharp, sophisticated, and presentable.

Maintaining this lawn is essential and involves many elements – from mowing and weeding to dethatching, seeding, and fertilizing. Do more than just mow, and you’ll have a healthier-looking lawn.

Maintain Sidewalks and Walkways

Your sidewalks and walkways are how your customers and clients enter your building. That means maintaining these hardscaping elements is essential.

Protect your walkways from the build-up of dirt and rocks by regularly sweeping and cleaning, and be sure to pressure wash these elements at least once a year so that they maintain their color. Pressure washing also helps prevent the build-up of weeds in stone.

Hire a Reliable Landscaping Company

Landscape maintenance is a big job. At Earth Development, we work with businesses of all sizes to create beautiful, attractive, and well-maintained outdoor spaces for businesses of all kinds.

To find out more about what we do, and to implement these tips with the help of a professional team, get in touch today!

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