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Commercial Snow Removal Pricing

Embrace winter with confidence - find your perfect snow removal plan to prepare your property!
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Our Pricing Plans

We offer three primary pricing options: our seasonal win-win pricing, per service pricing, and time and material pricing. Beyond these three contract formats, we do offer custom pricing solutions on a case-by-case basis.
Seasonal Pricing
Seasonal Win-Win Pricing
Time and Materials Pricing
Per Service Pricing
For Whom
Ideal for clients seeking fixed monthly rates
Designed for clients seeking fairness and accurate billing based on actual snowfall
Suitable for large, complex sites with variable needs
Perfect for clients who want flexibility in service selection
What’s Included
All-inclusive flat monthly rate covering all necessary snow removal services
Pricing based on time and materials for precise billing
Contracted rate for each specific snow removal service
Easy budgeting, peace of mind, guaranteed pricing
Trust, shared values, accurate billing based on actual snowfall
Flexibility to accommodate changing property footprints
Select services based on specific needs and pay only for specific services rendered
Fixed monthly rate
Our Win-Win Pricing offers a fixed contract based on a "normal range" of snowfall, covering the typical 75% of snowfall occurrences. If snowfall falls within this range, you pay the fixed monthly rate. For abnormally low snowfall, we provide a discount on the final invoice, and for abnormally high snowfall, we recoup a portion of the extra costs. It's a fair and balanced approach to ensure accurate billing.
Hourly rates for labor and equipment usage
Charged per event based on contracted rates
Tailored Services
Covers all necessary services
Tailored to specific site requirements
Choose services as needed for each event
Cost Transparency
No exceeding contract price
Trustworthy adjustments based on actual snowfall
Billing based on actual labor, equipment, and materials used
Clear breakdown of charges for each service

Need Custom Pricing? We've Got You Covered!

We understand that each property is unique, and we're here to tailor a snow removal plan just for you. Let's discuss your specific requirements and create a custom pricing solution that fits your needs perfectly. Contact us today for a personalized consultation!

Done with Pricing Plan? Choose your Lot Class!

At Earth Development, we understand that different properties have unique snow removal needs. To provide tailored services, we offer a range of lot classes designed to address specific snowfall conditions and requirements. Our lot classes are categorized based on plow trigger measurements and salt application frequency.
Salt Application Frequency
A+ Premier
Salt as needed before, during, and after weather events
Premium service for optimal safety; includes pre-treatment and daily ice mitigation.
Salt as needed before, during, and after weather events
High-quality service with reliable snow plowing and salt application.
Salt up to once per day
Efficient snow plowing with salt application, ensuring accessible and safe premises.
Salt once after snow plowing or once per day in freezing conditions
Basic snow removal with necessary salt application for enhanced safety.
Salt once after snow plowing
Essential snow plowing service with post-plow salt application.

Not Sure What to Choose?

Our experienced team is here to assist you. Contact us today for personalized recommendations and to get a quote tailored to your specific snow removal needs.

Why Earth Development?

Crafting customized experiences for each customer is key to Earth Development's identity, unlike the generic strategies of most competitors.
earth development
large national provider
small local companies
responsive to service requests
Quick respond to inquiries
Not enought staff
dedicated account representative
Dedicated account
Large number of accounts
Don’t have resources
billing accuracy
Dedicated billing specialists
Fully automated invoices
Non-professional staff
service quality
Professionals only
Less experienced contractor
Slow work
use of technology
Latest technology
Losing the personal touch
Don’t invest in technology
service multiple locations
Multiple locations management
“Quantity over quality” approach
Limited to a local service

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