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Commercial snow removal

For more than two decades, businesses across the Midwest have entrusted their properties to Earth Development. Providing unparalleled commercial snow removal and lawn maintenance services, Earth Development excels in several key areas, including offering timely service; utilizing state of the art equipment; offering the most cost-effective plans on the market; and taking great pride in our commitment to customer service.

Earth Development offers a wide array of services for both your summer and winter needs. If you are looking for a trusted contractor to maintain your commercial landscape we offer lawn mowing, fertilization, shrub care, and landscape renovation to help you maintain the perfect aesthetic for your property. Among our commercial snow removal services we offer snow plowing, de-icing, sidewalk shoveling, and emergency services to name a few.

Our Mission as Midwest Landscaping and Snow Removal Professionals

We strive to provide top snow removal and landscaping services to our valuable clients. Our professional team is dedicated to ensuring each customer is satisfied with our work. From a video conference or a phone call aimed to review your site to the final result, we do our job timely and sufficiently.

We are trusted by recognizable brands

Why Hire Us?

Earth Development has its unique attitude to each customer that makes us different from the competition.

24/7 Response to Service Requests

Earth Development phones are answered by friendly staff 24/7 during the winter season and normal business hours during the summer.  We are prompt at answering calls and we quickly respond to inquiries.  We not only resolve the problem, but work to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Dedicated Account Representative

Earth Development provides a dedicated account representative that is familiar with your site and your contract.  This is your one point of contact for any questions/concerns you might have.  This person will ensure your questions are answered in a timely manner.

Service Quality

Earth Development assures that the service partner assigned to your site has been vetted by us before they are eligible to do work.  We pay our service partners a fair price, which results in higher quality work and responsiveness to any requests.  In addition, we are able to contract for more equipment if it is needed to service your site.  Lastly, all service is reviewed to ensure the quality of work being completed is to industry standards.  

Billing Accuracy

Earth Development has dedicated billing specialists that verify completed work before it is invoiced to our customers.  Our billing specialists are quickly able to help answer any billing questions and resolve discrepancies.

Commercial landscapingUse of Technology

Earth Development uses the latest technology to help us relay information to our customers and verify service to make our processes as efficient as possible. Our efficiencies save the customer money.  

We Serve Multiple Locations

Earth Development can manage the service of multiple sites, both large and small, across the Midwest.  This allows our customers to have one company to work with for their lawn and snow service needs at all of their locations instead of having to work with different companies at each site.  This saves the customer time, resources, and money in not having to manage multiple locations in-house.


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Keep Your Operations Up And Running
With Earth Development.

Keep Your Operations Up And
Running With Earth Development.