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Oshkosh businesses need effective, timely, and high-quality snow removal services when wintertime hits, and that’s exactly what Earth Development offers. We have over 20 years in the business and we offer the most comprehensive and reliable local Oshkosh snow removal services, as well as in surrounding cities including Winnebago, Omro, and Redgranite.

With our fleet of hundreds of vehicles and other equipment, as well as our snow plowing and de-icing experts, we consistently deliver top commercial snow removal services in Oshkosh, Wausau, and surrounding areas.

Companies both large and small trust our team to provide regular sidewalk and parking lot snow plowing, as well as ice and snow management. Even in the case of an emergency, we'll be there! We also offer pre-schedule deicing and snow removal in Oshkosh, meaning you’ll never have to worry about snowfall again.

Our Snow Removal Services

For businesses in Oshkosh, we offer a comprehensive suite of snow management services that are tailored to address specific challenges posed by Wisconsin winters.

Our Snow Removal Services
  • Emergency Snow Removal
    When snow hits unexpectedly, delays can be expensive. At Earth Development, our emergency response teams are prepared to act swiftly. We use advanced equipment and techniques to ensure that your business remains operational, minimizing downtime and keeping both your staff and your customers safe.
  • Parking Lot Snow Removal
    A snow-clad parking lot can deter customers and impact your operations. We take a meticulous approach to guarantee clean and safe parking spaces and improve accessibility. Using eco-friendly de-icing agents and precision equipment, we offer rapid clearing without harming the environment.
  • Sidewalks and Entryways Snow Removal
    Your business's entrance is its first impression. Our teams prioritize sidewalks and entryways, ensuring they're clear and safe. With a keen eye for detail, we remove every snowflake, preventing icy patches and ensuring a warm welcome for your visitors.
  • Roads Sanding
    Any roads surrounding your commercial property can also benefit from our snow-clearing services. Cars need to be able to get in and out of your business location without the threat of ice or snow that could result in an accident. Rest assured that even the most intense winter weather is no problem for our team to handle, and you won’t lose any business to inclement road conditions or lengthy delays. Your company will be up and running as usual in no time.
  • Snow Plowing and Shoveling
    Whether it's a large accumulation or a light dusting, our commercial snow plowing and shoveling services cater to all. With a fleet of specialized vehicles and a dedicated crew, we ensure prompt clearing of snow, maintaining business continuity and a safe environment.
  • Snow Removal and Ice Management Planning
    To say that Wisconsin winters can be unpredictable is an understatement. Our preemptive snow and ice management plans provide businesses in Oshkosh with peace of mind. We assess potential risks and lay out snow and ice removal strategies that are designed to suit your property, ensuring readiness when snow strikes.
  • Ice Control and Removal
    Ice can be a silent adversary. Our teams use a combination of manual methods and eco-friendly chemicals to combat ice formation to keep your surfaces slip-free, ultimately reducing liabilities and improving safety.
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Our Snow Removal Approach in Oshkosh

Our Snow Removal Approach in Oshkosh

At Earth Development, we pride ourselves on being an unparalleled leader in commercial snow removal and landscape services in Oshkosh. Our method speaks volumes about our commitment and efficiency.

We maximize route density, enabling us to swiftly and efficiently reach your Oshkosh location. Our annual plans factor in the unique seasonal changes and maintenance challenges of the Oshkosh region, equipping us to tackle any winter eventuality.

Our proprietary processes ensure we're always in the know and ready to offer specialized snow plowing services, ensuring the safety of your employees, clients, and property.

Discover what sets our Oshkosh approach apart.

1. The Meeting and Proposal

To provide clarity, we'll make sure you fully understand what services Earth Development offers. Here's how it works:

  • Engage in an on-site meeting to gauge your requirements.
  • Exhaustively measure and document your property.
  • Formulate and share a detailed proposal for your review and approval.

When preparing to collaborate with us, consider the following:

  • The snow accumulation threshold for service initiation.
  • Whether you desire ice mitigation for pathways and parking spaces.
  • Specific snow piling locations.
  • Any requirement to clear public/city walks around your property?
  • Any additional special requirements or concerns related to your premises.

2. Preparing to Manage Your Property

When you choose Earth Development, here's what you can expect:

  • We educate our drivers about site-specific safety and operational nuances.
  • Equip our drivers with detailed route books containing aerial images and site-specific notes.
  • Grant you online access to an exhaustive snow season event history.

3. Keeping You Informed

In the 12-24 hours preceding a storm's arrival in Oshkosh, we diligently track forecasts from a plethora of sources. Based on this data, we craft and share our "Forecast and Plan" that outlines our snow and ice management strategy.

4. Proactive Forecasting

If snow is forecasted for Oshkosh, our teams will be on the ground to scope out your site. Upon deciding to initiate plowing, you'll be promptly alerted. As the storm progresses, our Area Managers liaise with your designated crews, ensuring prompt and efficient service. Post-service, we rigorously inspect your site to confirm the delivered quality aligns with our promise.

5. Post-Event Communication

After any snow event, we remain vigilant and ensure everything remains in order at your location. We'll update you with pertinent snow-related information. If there are any concerns, such as potential freezing risks, our crews are prepared to address them quickly.

Industries We Serve

At Earth Development, we provide reliable business snow removal in Oshkosh for companies across a range of industries. Here are some of the industries we serve, and remember, we can help any business with outdoor spaces!


Even airports trust our snow removal services. We ensure that parking lots and outdoor spaces are free from ice and snow, and we provide ongoing services throughout adverse weather events.

Industrial Complexes

Industrial Complexes

Our team also provides Oshkosh snow removal services for industrial complexes, including warehouses and factories.

Administrative Buildings

Administrative Buildings

Run an office or administrative building? We’ll ensure your outdoor courtyards, parking lots, walkways, and entryways are kept clear of ice and snow.

Client’s testimonials

I was hesitant to switch from the company I used before. Now I am extremely happy that I did. They are very easy to deal with, they do what they say they are going to do, the communication is excellent, their prices are good and when I was in a pinch they bent over backwards to help me.
Bill Bruss

Why Choose Us for Commercial Snow Removal?

In the challenging winter months, ensuring safety and accessibility on your property is essential. Here's why partnering with us for your commercial snow removal needs is the best decision:

20+ Years of Expertise

With over 20 years in the snow removal industry, our team has honed its skills to perfection. We've faced every snowstorm scenario imaginable and have consistently delivered top-notch service.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Our advanced equipment and technology mean faster, more efficient snow removal. From heavy-duty plows to eco-friendly de-icing solutions, we utilize the best in the industry.

Tailored Solutions

We understand that each business has unique needs. Our experts will assess your property and provide a customized snow removal plan to ensure optimal results.

24/7 Support

Snowstorms don't work 9-5, and neither do we. Our dedicated hotline ensures that you have access to our team round-the-clock. Whether it's a query or an emergency, know that we're here for you.

Proactive Forecasting

We don't wait for the snow to surprise us. Our team monitors weather conditions, so we're always prepared to tackle snowfall head-on.

Transparent Billing

Trust is paramount. Our billing process is transparent, detailed, and accurate. You'll only ever pay for the services you receive, without any hidden charges.

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