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Commercial Snow Removal & Ice Management Company In The Midwest

Are you looking for the best in the Midwest commercial snow plowing and ice removal services? We've got you covered.

Our Mission as Midwest Snow Plowing and Removal Professionals

If you're looking for snow plowing and snow clearing in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana, Ohio, or Illinois, our team is here to help! Snow accumulation on your commercial property including your driveways, landscaping, walkways, and more can be overwhelming to take care of on your own. If you don't take care of snow removal in a timely fashion, it can result in unsafe conditions for your customers and can even force your business to shut down for a period of time. Our team at Earth Development is here to take the stress off of your plate by effectively and safely removing snow and ice from your property. Rest assured that commercial snow and ice management is what we do best.

We strive to provide top commercial snow removal services to our valuable clients through customized solutions tailored to your needs. Our professional team is dedicated to ensuring each customer is satisfied with our plow work. From snow plowing or ice control to any emergency snow removal case, we handle winter storms with ease.

Our Commercial Snow Removal Services

  • Without a functional commercial parking lot, how will your customers be able to access your business? Snowed-in parking lots can make it challenging for your employees to safely park at work as well. Our commercial snow and ice management contractor can swiftly determine the best course of action to remove snow that's accumulated in your parking lot so your business can function as usual.
  • The last thing you want is for your commercial sidewalks or entryways to pose a safety threat to your customers. Any injuries on your property could result in an expensive lawsuit and quickly damage your hard-earned reputation. Rest assured that our commercial snow management also entails keeping your sidewalks and entryways safe and free of snow and ice. Even if there's an unexpected storm that rolls through, it's no match for our professional and seasoned team.
  • Any roads surrounding your property can also benefit from our snow-clearing services. Cars need to be able to get in and out of your business location without the threat of ice or snow resulting in an accident. Even the most intense winter weather is no problem for our team. In the case of a snow event, you won't lose any business to inclement road conditions or lengthy delays. Your company will be up and running as usual in no time.
  • Our snow hauling services include plowing and shoveling to keep your business safe regardless of how intense the winter weather conditions are. From a few inches to multiple feet of snow, we have the tools and expertise to efficiently remove snow that could pose a safety threat to your employees and your customers. Put your trust in our experienced team!
  • It's never too early to start thinking about your snow-hauling and ice-management plan. Having an established plan of action makes it easier for us to execute our services in a timely fashion as we already have an understanding of your unique needs. We know that no two businesses are alike and we're happy to work with you individually to understand how we can assist you.
  • Sometimes, ice can be even more dangerous and threatening to your business operations than snow. Black ice isn't apparent to the naked eye and can easily result in unexpected injuries. We have plenty of deicing tools and materials to swiftly remove the threat of ice to keep your property safe.

24-Hour Snow Plow & Removal Service

Call us at (920) 406-7501 at any time in an emergency and we'll be prepared to provide you with emergency snow removal services as soon as possible. Our extensive staff is well-equipped to help you in serious winter storm conditions, even when demand is high for commercial snow plowing and our competitors are overwhelmed and understaffed. Please provide as many details as you can to indicate the severity of your situation so we can respond accordingly.

Industries We Serve

At Earth Development, we offer snow plowing to a variety of industries from retail to administrative facilities. Here are some of our snow and ice management clients.


Logistics requires precise management and a tight schedule. Don’t let harsh winter conditions ruin your productivity - hire a commercial snow and ice removal company! Contact us for quotes and details.


Keep your customer service on the highest quality level even in the snowiest weather! We know exactly how to manage any kind of icing and snowfall, no matter the size of your business!


Saving lives is the highest priority job. Winter storms and heavy snowfalls can seriously delay any transportation on the premises. Plan for emergencies ahead, give us a call today!

Don't Let Winter Wather Slow Down Your Business

Bad weather shouldn't cost you time or business. Keep your lots clear with our safe, reliable commercial snow removal services.

Flexible Pricing Plans and Snow Plow Contracts

  • Seasonal pricing: This pricing structure is seen as our all-inclusive package meaning you’ll pay a flat monthly rate that covers any work that must be done during the winter. This is beneficial as it is straightforward and allows you to easily predict what your expenses will be for your budgeting purposes.
  • Per-event pricing: If you’d rather pay per event rather than a flat fee, this is also an option. These prices are based on the volume of snow that has accumulated with each storm. As snow falls, we will dispatch our team to your site and charge you accordingly.
  • Per-service pricing: If you opt for this type of contract, you’ll pay every time we provide a service. For example, when the plow truck shows up, you’ll be charged a set plow price.

Here's How It Works

You reach out

Get in touch with us through the website and let us know how we can help.
Step 1

We Plan

We’ll schedule a video conference or phone call to review your site with you, then build a plan to suit your unique needs (de-icing, salting, plowing, sidewalks, parking lots, etc.).
Step 2

We Monitor

Our team will monitor the lot and work with private meteorologists to keep an eye out for important storm developments. Many sites are geofenced and outfitted with cameras.
Step 3

We Show up

When the snow starts falling, we’ll head your way.
Step 4

Here's Why Our Clients Think We Are One of the Best Snow Removal Companies in the Midwest


When 2 feet of snow blanketed Green Bay and other contractors couldn’t deliver, we did. We served our clients and theirs.


With 500 units in our fleet, we’re prepared for every caliber of storm, when our competitors are not.

Custom Solution

We’ll inspect and prep your lot before the snow starts falling to identify and execute the solutions that best suit your unique needs.

On your side

Knowledgable and attentive, our customer service staff will work the problem with you. We’re on your team.

One step ahead

Our on-staff meteorologist helps us anticipate important storm developments, so we’re always a step ahead.


We’ll do it right, on time, every time. No cut corners. No hand-holding.


With 20 years in the business, we’ve seen it all and are prepared for anything.


We prioritize the safety of your employees and customers.

Commercial Snow Removal In Numbers

With over 500 units in our fleet, we’re prepared for every caliber of storm when our competitors are not.
98% of our clients are so satisfied with our lawn maintenance services, as well as snow and ice management, they stick around the next year.
In our 20 years in business, our professional team has managed over 250,000 acres.
Our clients don’t lose business to bad weather. To date, we’ve saved them over one billion in revenue.
of experience
We've been in the business for over 20 years offering excellent services and customized plans for commercial clients.

Ready To Get Started?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you handle snow removal for multiple locations or franchises?

Yes, we have the capacity and resources to handle snow removal for multiple locations or franchises. Our experienced team and extensive fleet of equipment allow us to efficiently service multiple sites simultaneously.

What types of equipment do you use for snow removal?

We utilize a diverse fleet of over 500 pieces of equipment specifically designed for snow removal. This includes plow trucks, snow blowers, loaders, and other specialized machinery to effectively clear snow from various types of properties.

How do you stay updated on the latest snow removal techniques and regulations?

We prioritize staying up-to-date on the latest snow removal techniques and industry regulations. Our team participates in regular industry training programs, and conferences, and maintains active memberships in professional associations to ensure we're informed about the best practices and any regulatory changes.

Can you provide a detailed snow removal plan for our property?

Absolutely! We'll conduct a thorough assessment of your property and develop a detailed snow removal plan tailored to your needs. The plan will outline the scope of work, snow removal priorities, equipment deployment, and any additional services required to meet your expectations.