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Emergency Snow Removal

Winter weather is hard to predict but with Earth Development, it's not a problem. As an expert 24/7 snow removal contractor, we're fully equipped to provide your commercial property with high-quality emergency snow removal services.
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24-Hour Snow Removal Company Near You

An emergency snow plow can be a major need during the winter months. When a storm hits and you're facing an unexpected snowfall, you need a reliable same-day snow plowing company with the experience and the equipment to tackle even the most severe snowstorms and minimize the economic impact on your business.

24-Hour Snow Removal Company Near You

At Earth Development Inc., our team of snow removal experts is well-equipped to respond to your urgent snow removal needs any day of the week and at any time. Simply call us and we'll dispatch our experts to respond as quickly as possible.

If you were searching for "emergency snow removal near me" in Wisconsin, Ohio, Iowa, Minnesota, or Indiana, we're more than happy to serve you with your 24-hour snow plow needs.

Our Emergency Snow Removal Services


Snow Plowing & Shoveling

Our team is equipped to quickly and efficientlyplow and shovel snow, ensuring safe and accessible areas for your property.

Snow & Ice Management Planning

We develop comprehensive plans to manage snow and ice that are tailored to your needs, ensuring effective and timely removal.

Ice Control

Our experts employ effective ice control techniques in snow emergencies, utilizing deicing agents and anti-icing measures to prevent ice formation and ensure safer surfaces.

Parking Lots

We specialize in clearing snow and ice from parking lots, maximizing parking space availability, and ensuring safe navigation for vehicles and pedestrians.

Sidewalks and Entryways

Our team focuses on clearing snow and ice from sidewalks and entryways, promoting safe passage, and reducing slip and fall risks.

Road Sanding

We provide road sanding services to enhance traction and improve road safety during icy conditions to reduce the risk of accidents.

Take Advantage of Our 24 Hour Snow Removal Service

Call us any time in an emergency situation and we'll be prepared to help you clear snow with our 24-hour snow plow service as soon as possible. Our extensive staff is equipped to work in serious storm conditions, even when demand for snow removal is high and our competitors are overwhelmed. Please provide as many details as you can to indicate the severity of your situation so we can respond accordingly.


Our Emergency Snow Plow Equipment in Work

We utilize cutting-edge snow removal equipment and tools, including snowplows, snow blowers, salt spreaders, and deicing agents. Our advanced machinery ensures efficient and thorough snow removal regardless of how much snow accumulation has occurred. We can quickly clear your property and maintain safe conditions during winter weather.

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Commercial Snow Removal In Numbers

With over 500 units in our fleet, we’re prepared for every caliber of storm when our competitors are not.
98% of our clients are so satisfied with our lawn maintenance services, as well as snow and ice management, they stick around the next year.
In our 20 years in business, our professional team has managed over 250,000 acres.
Our clients don’t lose business to bad weather. To date, we’ve saved them over one billion in revenue.
of experience
We've been in the business for over 20 years offering excellent services and customized plans for commercial clients.

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Industries We Serve

At Earth Development, we offer our 24-hour snow removal service to a variety of industries from retail to administrative facilities. Here are some of them but we serve much more!



Prompt snow plowing is critical for transportation and logistics companies to maintain their schedules and ensure the timely delivery of goods while navigating residential streets.

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Quick snow removal is essential for retail stores to maintain access for customers and prevent disruptions to business operations.

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Emergency snow plowing is crucial for healthcare facilities to ensure safe access for patients, staff, and emergency vehicles.

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Don't Let Snow Disrupt Your Operations!

Emergency snow removal when you need it most. Contact us for free quotes and fast and efficient service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does snow emergency mean?

A snow emergency refers to the active response plan when a snowstorm severely impacts a particular city. The exact conditions required to declare a snow emergency depend on the issuing city or municipality. Some cities may also have varying snow emergency levels.

How long do snow emergencies last?

It depends on the severity of the snowstorm and the city in question. Typically all city streets are plowed within the first 24 hours of a declared snow emergency. There's a night plow phase and the day plow phase of the Snow Emergency, with follow-up plowing, salting, and miscellaneous cleanup following for as long as is required. During this time, vehicles parked in the required snow plow emergency areas are usually ticketed and towed for four days (or 96 hours).

How is snow removed after the emergency?

Depending on the municipality, snow removal after a snow emergency can be treated differently. Typically, accumulated snow that's been plowed to the side of the roads (and in commercial cases, to the sides of the parking lot) is loaded onto trucks for transportation to designated snow dump sites. Snow dump site selection is determined based on the availability of suitable land and certain pollution prevention factors, such as distance from local lakes and streams.

How quickly can you respond to emergency snow removal requests?

We prioritize emergency snow removal requests and aim to respond as quickly as possible. Our team is equipped to handle urgent situations and provide prompt assistance, often providing faster service than city crews.