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Des Moines Snow Ordinance Rules

June 29, 2022
Des Moines Snow Ordinance Rules
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A Des Moines, Iowa snow ordinance has implications that every driver and commercial business owner should understand. When the Des Moines parking rules change to assist with road and sidewalk snow removal, you can ensure you remain compliant with the law by reading up on the local rules below.

And don’t forget - with another Iowa winter on the way, there’s a lot to prepare for!

Des Moines Snow Parking Rules

Des Moines Snow Parking Rules

Streets are split into six different categories to assist with snow removal in Des Moines. They are broken up as follows:

Odd and Even Sides of the Street

The odd side of a street refers to the side with house numbers ending in odd numbers, and vice versa for the even sides of the street.


These streets are typically now plowed at the same time as other streets as they may require special equipment to deal with these dead-end streets.

Alley Routes

An alley route refers to a road that provides primary access to residential properties.

Snow Districts or Residential Streets

Residential streets are streets with residential properties on them, and residents are encouraged to park away from these streets to ensure that snow plows and plow the full width of the road.

Central Business District

Otherwise known as “downtown,” where there are no weather-related parking restrictions. However, your car may get plowed in.

Snow Routes/Hospital Access Streets

These are the first routes to be plowed or treated with salt and deicing agents.

It’s also important to know that the four neighborhoods included in the odd and even parking zones include Sherman Hill, Drake, Carpenter, and some of River Bend.

How Much Is a Parking Ticket in Des Moines?

A Des Moines snow parking ticket fine will cost $35 and your vehicle may be towed. Remember that the snow ordinance remains in effect until the snow has stopped and streets are fully plowed.

Des Moines Sidewalk Snow Removal Rules

Des Moines Sidewalk Snow Removal Rules

Des Moines businesses are required to keep their parking lots and sidewalks safe to use, so if you don’t take action you may be liable to pay for somebody’s medical fees, and more.

Businesses like hotels, retail stores, and auto dealerships are all required to clear the sidewalks outside of their properties, which is one of the reasons why Des Moines business owners trust Earth Development professionals for a consistent and reliable snow removal service.

Local Snow Removal Experts for Des Moines Businesses

When it snows in Des Moines, it’s important to be conscious of the Snow Ordinance rules.

For help remaining compliant and keeping your commercial business parking lots and sidewalks clear, entrust all your snow plowing, snow removal, and deicing needs with our local teams of professionals.

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