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How Much Does Commercial Snow Removal Cost in Milwaukee?

December 28, 2023
How Much Does Commercial Snow Removal Cost in Milwaukee?
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For business owners in Milwaukee, WI, heavy winter snowfalls can spell disruption and lost revenue if not promptly cleared. Hiring a professional snow removal service is the best way to keep your property safely accessible. But how much should you budget for commercial snow removal in Milwaukee?

The costs depend on several key factors, including the size of your property, the frequency of service needed, and extras like salt application. In this guide from Earth Development, we'll break down what goes into pricing snow removal services so Milwaukee business owners can better understand what to expect.

Average Snow Removal Cost in Milwaukee

The average cost of snow removal in Milwaukee depends on a few factors. Snow removal prices are affected by how big your property is and by which parts of your property need care and maintenance. The average cost for commercial snow removal also depends on which plan or package you choose and how often you need support.

With that in mind, though, we can offer some general guidelines for expected costs. For example, the average price for clearing a typical driveway is $44.76. Snowblowing may cost $68 per house, while snowplowing may cost $39 to $50 per visit.

The snow removal cost in Milwaukee depends on your precise needs, but at Earth Development, we aim to provide the best deal possible with a transparent pricing system.

Average Snow Removal Cost in Milwaukee

Sidewalk Snow Removal Cost in Milwaukee

Snow removal extends beyond driveways, of course, and sidewalk shoveling may cost between $25 and $75 per hour, depending on which company you choose. Remember that sidewalk snow removal costs also depend on the size of your property and the kind of plan you choose from your provider.

Snowplowing Rates for Parking Lots in Milwaukee

How about snow removal costs for a parking lot? Again, you must consider the size of your property and the amount of time it will take to clear. The cost of snow removal for parking lots also depends on the equipment required to complete the job. However, you should expect to pay anywhere between $50 and $200 per hour.

Driveway Snow Removal Cost in Milwaukee

For the average driveway snow removal, you should expect to pay between $30 and $70 per visit. However, large driveway snow removal costs may increase to between $50 and $100 per visit, depending on the time it takes to complete.

Roof Snow Removal Cost in Milwaukee

Removing snow and ice from a roof is a very different job than clearing a parking lot, so the prices are, unsurprisingly, higher.

You can expect the average roof snow removal cost to be between $200 and $500 per visit or between $50 and $100 per hour. The size of your building and the amount of work necessary to clear the roof will determine the cost of the work. For some large homes and buildings, you can expect prices over $1,000.

The Average Cost of Snow Removal by Location
Location Cost per Visit
Sidewalk $25-$75
Parking Lot $50-$200
Driveway $30-$100
Roof $200-$500

Factors Determining Snow Removal Prices in Milwaukee

We've explained some factors that influence the average cost of snow removal in Milwaukee, but now let's take a closer look at some of those variables and other factors that contribute to the cost of keeping your doors open this winter.

Factors Determining Snow Removal Prices in Milwaukee

1. Amount of Snow

The amount of snow and ice on your property will be one of the biggest factors determining the cost of snow removal, though it also depends on the kind of plan you pay for.

The more snow that needs moving, the longer it takes to clear. The longer the job takes, the more expensive it may be.

2. Facility Size

In the same way that more snow means more work, the size of your facility also determines the amount of work that snow removal specialists need to do. The more outdoor space you have, the longer it takes to make the space safe and usable after a snowfall. Additionally, larger facilities might require more sophisticated equipment, increasing overall costs.

3. Response Time

If you haven't already agreed to a plan that brings snow removal experts to your property as soon as the bad weather starts, you may expect to pay more for a faster response time. The more urgently or frequently you need assistance, the more you may expect to pay.

4. Type of Snow Removal Contract

The kind of contract or plan you have with your snow removal services provider will also determine the price.

At Earth Development, we aim to provide our customers with a plan that suits them. Whatever the size of your property and no matter how often you need assistance, we have a plan that matches your business and budget.

5. Scope of Services

And lastly, when you’re considering how much commercial snow removal costs in Milwaukee, you must think about the kind of services you need — and the scope of those services.

Driveway snow removal accompanied by sidewalk clearing, for instance, will cost more than just driveway service.

Get the Best Prices for Snow Removal in Milwaukee

Whether you're a business owner or property manager in Milwaukee, knowing the cost of commercial snow removal is crucial for budgeting and planning. Earth Development, the local experts in snow removal in Milwaukee, provides competitive prices for professional services. With us, you’ll benefit from efficient and reliable snow removal at affordable rates.

Don't let snow and ice disrupt your business operations this winter. Get in touch with Earth Development today to discuss your snow removal needs and receive a tailored quote.

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Eddy is a distinguished expert in the snow removal and landscaping industry, boasting over 20 years of experience. As an Advanced Snow Manager certified by the Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA), he is dedicated to upholding the highest industry standards. His strong commitment to excellence and relentless pursuit of improvement makes him a trusted voice in the snow removal and landscaping.
Looking for Reliable Snow Removal Services in Milwaukee, WI?
Looking for Reliable Snow Removal Services in Milwaukee, WI?

Contact Earth Development for expert snow removal services. Keep your property safe and accessible this winter. Get a quote today!

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