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Is Mulching Commercial Real Estate Expensive?

April 26, 2023
Is Mulching Commercial Real Estate Expensive?
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A great way to improve your landscaping look is to add fresh mulch to various areas of your landscape. Mulch can help you tie the whole outdoor property together and give your gardens a nicely finished look, and it adds function. But is it affordable, and is it worth it? Let’s examine how much it will cost to mulch your commercial property and see why the benefits of mulching make this expense truly a no-brainer.

Why Using Mulch is a Great Idea for Your Business

Mulch is a Great Idea for Your Business

If you want curb appeal, mulch is a great way to go. The aesthetic benefits of adding mulch to your property are evident. You’ll get a much more polished look in your flower beds and planter boxes to make your property genuinely look picturesque. Mulch is available in a wide range of hues and textures, so you can customize the look and feel of your flower beds as well.

But beyond these superficial benefits, mulching provides some distinct functional advantages that you might not realize. Mulching, when added in ample enough amounts, can significantly help prevent weed growth, which not only keeps your gardens looking amazing, it decreases the amount of maintenance required on your property.

Mulch also helps to lock in moisture to keep your plants from getting dry, and of course, reduces the amount of costly and time-consuming watering sessions you’ll need. If that weren’t enough, mulching before the winter weather hits can help to provide a vital layer of insulation for your shrubs and trees that may keep their roots from freezing.

What Mulching Cost Depends On

Mulch for Business

So the benefits of mulching are myriad and obvious. The benefits of mulching listed above may be enough to convince you to move forward, but how do you calculate the costs? To ensure the best possible job, we suggest hiring a professional landscaping contractor.

The main factors that will influence the cost are simply labor and materials. With labor costs, you can shop around for the best prices and be aware that the time of the year plays a significant role in the potential cost of labor. For example, many contractors will offer much more affordable rates in the off-season.

Regarding the materials, you’ll need to have the contractor figure out the square footage you want to have covered, along with the thickness. Your landscape contractor should be able to figure this out pretty quickly and give you a price estimate.

When Mulching Price Is Lower

When Mulching Price Is Lower

Mulching your landscape is not a one-time deal, unfortunately. Over time your mulch will fade in color and break down, so to keep up the beautiful look of your gardens, you’ll need to re-mulch regularly. A skilled landscaping contractor will be able to recommend an ideal schedule for you to re-mulch your lawn. That said, if you’re going simply for the lowest possible cost, you’re likely to get the best prices in the winter off-season, as we mentioned above.


As we’ve been made clear, mulching is a convenient and affordable choice to add instant beauty to your landscape while providing an array of valuable benefits that will save you on maintenance and protect your plants.

At Earth Development, we highly recommend mulching for these very reasons, and we’re able to help you with all of your mulching needs and more. To correctly assess the condition of your landscape for mulch, contact our experts now!

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