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Mid-Century Modern Landscaping Ideas

April 26, 2023
Mid-Century Modern Landscaping Ideas
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Mid-century modern design is making a comeback in a variety of fields. If you are looking for new landscaping ideas this might be the theme for you. If you already love mid-century modern design, your next step should be landscaping. Perhaps it will match your mid-century modern house or the furniture inside it. 

Mid-century modern landscaping design blends minimalist design with comfort. It is about living in your garden design instead of just enjoying the aesthetic view. Mid-century modern landscaping has been subtly woven into our front yard and backyard for decades. The best part about these mid-century modern landscaping ideas is most of them you can do all on your own. If you want your yard a little more advanced, you can also reach out to one of the many landscape designers. 

See-Through Walls 

See-through walls highlight the unity between your home and your yard. They invite natural light into your home and soften the barrier between nature and your home. This is normally done in the rear of your house looking into your backyard. This idea can be seen more mildly with a big rear window or sliding glass door. 

Eichler Style (California Modern)

One of the most famous modern designers, Joseph Eichler, heavily influenced modern landscaping designs. His homes were full of post-beam construction and many other designs still used today. The Eichler style or a “California modern” can be found in many different styles and variants. Many of them incorporate drought-tolerant plants in calm colors. A sloping front yard is a feature of this style as well. Eichler designs incorporate minimalism and repetition. Like the see-through walls, they stress the blurred line between outside and inside. 

Patios and Courtyards 

Patios and Courtyards

Have you ever hung out at a BBQ all day on a friend’s patio or courtyard? Mid-century modern landscaping coined this hangout spot. It makes your yard and surrounding landscape an extension of your home. This emphasizes the beauty of outdoor living. A swimming pool extending off the patio or courtyard also adds to this mid-century modern landscape design.  

Low-Maintenance Linear Shrubs

Bold shapes and linear structure are a common theme in mid-century modern landscaping. This is easily done with shrubs surrounding your walkway, patio or general yard. It also helps to accentuate your modern home and outside beauty.  



Linear shrubs or other plants in a row are often done on a sloped terrace. Your terrace is also a good place like your patio or courtyard to create a “hangout” spot. Add chairs and a fire pit for everyone to enjoy your home out in nature. Terraces are often stone which is another common theme in mid-century modern landscaping. 

Geometric Layout 

Similar to a linear design for your plants, laying your plants out in a geometric layout is a good way to give your house a touch of mid-century modernism. It highlights the pathway of your home and stands out in its symmetrical bold way. 

No-Flower Garden

No-Flower Garden

A no-flower garden captures the essence of mid-century modernism in a simple and easy way.  You tend to it like your garden but it is virtually just your lawn. This simple concept is the spirit of modern landscaping. Blending your home with nature seamlessly and not intrusive. 

Primary Colors 

Just like with bold shapes or linear lined plants, primary colors are a great way to accentuate your modernism. Bright, primary colors help stress the bold shapes. You can add these colors to your walls on your house or as part of your outside structures. 


Many mid-century modern landscaping designs incorporate atriums. An entry atrium is part of the Eichler style. An atrium provides a safe haven to all the unpredictabilities nature can bring.


If you have a big patch of lawn and nothing to do with it, a meadow is perfect for your yard. It adds a touch of mid-century modernism. It looks very natural and beautiful around all your concrete and stone hangout spots. 

Want More Ideas?

Mid-century modern landscaping ideas are becoming increasingly more popular. These ideas above are really great, but if you want your yard a little more advanced, you can also reach out to the professionals. We at Earth Development can help you make your home territory look good with our landscape maintenance services. For more than 20 years we have been providing landscape construction and lawn maintenance services. Contact us now!

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