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Top 14 Best Spring Flowers for Your Commercial Property

April 26, 2023
Top 14 Best Spring Flowers for Your Commercial Property
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They say “April showers bring May flowers.” They’re right, nothing says springtime quite like flowers.

Whatever color, configuration, size, or plant they come from, flowers add a cheerful, bright, and welcoming touch to any commercial property.

This is why good spring flowers are an essential part of your commercial landscape’s appearance and outward impression.

Curb appeal is important, it makes your building stand out. To help make your building look the best it can, we have assembled a list of the 14 best spring flowers for your commercial landscape.


Pansies are known for having “faces” and come in a variety of colors, from bright pinks, yellows, and oranges, to sharper blues, purples, and even whites. They can be grown in planting beds and containers, and they are best to plant in spring, as they thrive in the warmth.


Violas are small, sweet-looking flowers that are built to withstand cold and heat better than some of their relatives. They thrive best in full or partial sun, both in spring and fall.

They can brighten up a building entrance, making it look more vibrant, and even make a beautiful addition to the small garden around a building’s signs. Most often, you will see them in deep purple with splashes of white and yellow, but they can even come in a cheerful orange with yellow and pink.


Daffodils Commercial Flowers

Daffodils are a happy, yellow addition to your commercial landscape. They are easy to grow, come in many varieties and colors, and most importantly for any buildings near the woods, are deer resistant.

Korean Spice Viburnum

These white or pink flushed flowers grow in decorative domed clusters. They’re of the earliest viburnums to bloom in spring and they have a delightful additional feature — they smell just like a spice cake!

They are a great choice for anywhere people are: building entrances, common area seating, along paths, and anywhere else employees can enjoy their look and smell.

Korean Spice Viburnum is easy to maintain and grows to be about 3-6 ft tall.

Heuchera (Coral Bells)

Heuchera, or Coral Bells, are a fun foliage alternative to the usual spring flowers. They come in many varieties, with intricate patterns designed to catch the eye and color schemes ranging from gold to green to purple and on.

Eastern Redbud

This beautiful native tree blooms in spring and makes a stunning addition to your landscape with its very bright, pink or rose-purple flowers.

Flowering Dogwood

Flowering Dogwood for Commercial Buildings

Flowering dogwood comes in fun pinks and elegant whites, making them beautiful centerpieces for any industry commercial landscape.

Japanese Spirea

Japanese spirea blooms in late spring through mid-summer and comes in many varieties, most popularly Anthony Waterer and Little Princess. This spirea is a perfect way to spice up your commercial landscape and is particularly well known for being low maintenance and drought-resistant.


One of the first signs spring is on the horizon is the emergence of tulips, usually in April or May. These classic jewels have blue-green leaves and are very versatile, coming in many different colors and therefore perfect for matching any company logo or theme.

To ensure your multi-colored blooms grow properly and come out at the right time, be sure to start your preparation in late fall or even early winter. The tulip bulbs need at least four weeks of chilling.


Looking to add a little something extra to your commercial building? These spring landscape flowers are a perfect choice. With a perfume-like fragrance, a bright blue and purple color scheme, and resistance to critter snacking, hyacinth is sure to give you the best bang for your buck.

They’re especially great if you want to maintain the spring look for longer, as they do not bloom until May. For the best results, be sure to plant them in the fall in a sunny area, at least eight weeks before the first frost of the season.


Forsythia for Commercial Buildings

Nothing screams spring quite like the color yellow! Forsythia is a low maintenance, quick-growing shrub covered in bright yellow flowers that peak out in late winter/early spring.

Forsythia attracts butterflies and bumblebees and its flowers grow before its leaves, ensuring the yellow is visible and not blocked by foliage. Both of these elements add to the positive, cheerful impression that you want your commercial property to project.

Vernal Witch Hazel

This spring-blooming plant makes a wonderful focal point for any commercial landscape. With its flashy yellow, gold, and red flowers, as well as its noticeable scent, this bloom is sure to draw the attention of anyone walking by.

Not only does it grow well in full sun and shady spots alike, but it also handles wet areas well and is safe from any hungry deer nearby. Like forsythia, vernal witch hazel flowers arrive before the foliage, ensuring the beautiful blooms are on display. It grows to be about 9 ft tall and about 13 ft across.

Lenten Rose (Helleborus)

When asked “what are good spring flowers?” Lenten roses spring to mind! Named for the time they are most likely to bloom, around Lent, these beautiful blooms resemble roses but are actually members of the buttercup family.

They are a great choice for a commercial landscape because along with their evergreen foliage, they come in a number of colors, ranging from purple to yellow, from red to cream, from green to pink, and so on! These flowers are large, bloom for 8 to 10 weeks, and hang in clusters from thick stems.

Creeping Phlox

Creeping Phlox for Business Garden

When someone asks what flowers are best to plant in spring, believe it or not, the first answer that comes to mind is creeping phlox! Despite its odd name, this beautiful plant looks like a carpet of flowers when it’s fully bloomed.

Coming in different shades of pink, purple, white, and blue, it has the added benefit of growing well in tougher soil conditions and rocky areas. Planting this next to a commercial property will help elevate the look of the building; even after winter sets in, the foliage will remain a beautiful green color.


Hopefully, this has helped you determine not only what the best flowers to plant in spring are, but also which might be right for your landscape.

Earth Development has the experience and knowledge to bring your commercial property to life in the springtime and all year round! Contact us to get a quote and see how we can help you prepare for spring.

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