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Top 7 Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas in Minnesota

April 26, 2023
Top 7 Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas in Minnesota
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Having a beautiful yard is something that everyone desires, but who wants to spend all the time, energy, and money to maintain an intricately-designed and balanced landscape regularly? 

If you’re looking for some Minnesota landscaping ideas that are easy to manage, we’ve got some fantastic ideas for both residential and commercial properties. We’re the leaders in landscaping services in Minneapolis and St. Paul, and we’ll show you some great low-maintenance landscaping ideas in Minnesota. Take a look at these tips and ideas for landscaping that won’t require hours upon hours of upkeep. 

Incorporate Hardscaping 

One of the best and easiest ways to create a low-maintenance landscape is by creating an area that barely requires any maintenance at all. In this case, adding to your patio space with some well-designed hardscaping elements will reduce the amount of lawn or landscape that needs to be mowed or pruned. 

It can add a highly functional element of entertaining space for your backyard or outdoor area. To give it some vibrancy, add potted plants, which will give you the desired look of plant life without having to worry about flower beds and weeds throughout the changing seasons in Minnesota. 

Use Native Plants of Minnesota 

Landscaping with native plants of Minnesota is another great idea because you’ll be able to focus on plant life that has adapted to cope with the harsh winters and changing seasons of the Minnesota area. 

The plants that emulate the Minnesota prairie include red maples, American cranberry bush, purple prairie clover, and wild geranium. These plants and trees are used to the weather conditions of Minnesota and surrounding states, so you’ll know that they’ll be able to handle the unique challenges of the area. You can even incorporate some local Lake Superior agate rock to show off your Minnesota pride. 

You’ll end up with a beautiful and hardy landscape that not only suits your hometown but will also be much easier to manage with harsher weather conditions. If you’re looking for Minnesota landscaping ideas that incorporate as much plant life as possible, this is the most advisable place to start. 

Choose Rock Instead of Grass

Do you need a big lawn that needs to be constantly mowed, fertilized, and provides ample space for weeds to thrive? If your answer is no, consider utilizing more rock in your low-maintenance landscaping. Rocks last forever and they make it much more difficult for weeds to assault your landscape.

If you lean into pavers and rock beds and then add some trees and shrubs to provide cover, you’ll end up creating a gorgeous and colorful landscape that doesn’t require extensive mowing and fertilization. This also happens to be a much more modern, trendier look as far as Minnesota landscaping ideas go.

So whether you have a commercial property where you don’t have to worry about extensive maintenance costs and upkeep, or if you’re a busy homeowner who just wants a hassle-free landscape, incorporating more rocks is a great idea.

Create Unique Water Features

Minnesota landscaping ideas

Water features are another great option for a low maintenance landscape, but consider leaving fish out of it. Fish are undoubtedly beautiful, but having them creates the necessity for a pond filter, regular feeding, and combating algae growth. However, if you would like to install a water feature for your landscape, the best water features for Minnesota are remarkably affordable and extremely low maintenance. 

Go for Evergreen Plants

While deciduous plants tend to struggle with the hot summers and extremely cold winters of the area, evergreen trees and foliage are well suited for low-maintenance landscaping in Minnesota. And the best part about evergreens is that they stay green throughout winter! You won’t have to worry about trees losing all their leaves and looking barren during the winter months, as you’ll have beautiful trees to provide cover throughout the harsh winter season. 

There are several ways to incorporate evergreen plant life into your landscape. If you want to go for a natural look, plant a dense amount of evergreen trees and it’ll feel like there’s a pine forest in your backyard. If you want a more minimalistic modern look, opt for planting neat rows of globed arborvitaes. Whichever look you’re going for, professional bed maintenance services will provide you with quality upkeep so you won’t have to. 

Be in Line with Your Landscape

It's best practice to play off of the existing landscape and work with the natural elements around your home or building rather than fighting it. Allow for nature to influence your overall design and you’ll not only have a more beautiful and well-suited landscape for your environment, but you’ll also find that it will be more low maintenance as well. 

If your yard doesn’t have good soil, to begin with, don’t try to plant lush and dense foliage, rather opt for more rocks and hardscaping. If you’re next to a forested area, you can plant a shade garden that will be a sure ticket to a low-maintenance outdoor look. 

Hire Expert Landscaping Services in the Twin Cities 

If you’re still not sure where to start, call an expert landscaper in the Twin cities. For Minnesota and St. Paul landscaping services, Earth Development has been designing and maintaining gorgeous residential and commercial outdoor environments for years. Contact us now and we’ll walk you through our vision for your backyard or landscape that will surely provide you with the low-maintenance landscaping ideas you’re looking for.

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