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What Is Master Landscaping Plan and Why It's Important For Your Landscape Design?

April 26, 2023
What Is Master Landscaping Plan and Why It's Important For Your Landscape Design?
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Have a vision for your property? To take a dream from an idea to a reality, it requires a plan. Sometimes, especially when it comes to a vast property, it’s even a master plan.

With each property, there are plans in place for what will best suit the space. Where do the plants go? What landscape works best within the property lines? What about outdoor spaces?

There’s a lot to consider, but a landscape master plan can take your property to the next level. Still not sure what we’re getting at? Our team at Earth Development will explain.

What Is a Master Plan?

Landscape architect changing drawing at meeting with client

Let’s start with the basic question - what is a master plan?

The master plan meaning is all about the future. A master plan is a full-property design plan that is incredibly comprehensive and aids in guiding the development and growth of a property. This is represented as an industry-standard AutoCAD drawing that features reference photos as well as color renderings to show the design concept.

The landscape master plan definition refers to the blueprint of future improvements, upgrades, projects, and the care that will continue to go into a property. And this definition doesn’t only refer to plants! The master plan is all about the overall condition of the landscape, including everything from correct drainage, erosion issues, turf density, tree health, irrigation and lighting, and outdoor amenities.

Why Master Plan Is So Important for Commercial Landscaping?

Mature Woman Discussing Plan With Landscape Gardener

Having a blueprint for the future of your commercial landscaping helps layout your plans in a cohesive way, making reaching your property goals a real possibility.

With the right blueprint, you can quickly address any plans that come up as you work across the property. When it comes to building, you surely need to know the tools you require, where you’re building, and the time and resources that are needed for space, and with a properly built-out landscape master plan, you can see all of the answers to your questions in one place.

With this in mind, your plan will need to have overall objectives. Because how can we reach our goals if we don’t define them? Maybe you want to add more outdoor areas for people to enjoy or want to make the property easily walkable. Plus, depending on where your property is and what it’s used for, you’ll likely want to have the ability to keep it on-trend so visitors feel like it’s up-to-date and appealing. It’s all about considering the future and outlining what you hope to achieve within this master plan.

And no project is too small to create a master plan. In fact, a smaller property can create an even more detailed, cohesive design, without the stress of various permits and plans that need to be approved. With this plan for your property, you can work through your goals in phases, ensuring you have the resources and timeline to reach your end goal.

Why You Should Prepare for Spring Now?

Road through amazingly planned garden

Concerned that it’s too early to create a landscape master plan definition for your property?

It’s never too early to prepare for spring, and the colder seasons offer the perfect time to create your property plans. With the colder months leaving landscaping opportunities limited, landscape professionals have more time to dedicate to your long-term plans.

To take advantage of the off-season, you can work with a professional team now to get your plan drawn out, as well as start addressing the condition of your soil to begin planting on the property. Getting ahead on these tests can help manage weed control and fertilizer needs earlier, so that once the weather permits, your plan can really get underway.

Keep in mind, a landscape master plan often means multiple years of work, and this landscaping effort is certainly an investment. However, this work will greatly boost your property value, and with a cohesive design, you’ll draw the attention of everyone in the area.


Now that you know all about the master plan meaning and the importance of creating a long-term design goal for your property, it’s time to get started on your unique blueprint!

To find the best landscaping design for your property and begin working on the improvements, you’ll need a team of professionals on the job. From designing a modern outdoor space to finding just the right flowers and trees for your property, an expert team can bring your vision to life.

Earth Development has extensive experience in developing master landscaping plans for commercial spaces in Wisconsin. Contact our landscape architect to discuss your landscaping project at 920-406-7501 today, and we will get started on your project.

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