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Landscape Maintenance for a Food Production Company in Green Bay, WI

Industry: Food Packaging Facility

Location: Green Bay, WI

Service: Lawn and Landscape Maintenance


This was a food production property, which has special regulations that need to be followed to ensure the safety of the food.  There were new regulations that came into effect and this company has to comply with them immediately. Part of this involved maintaining some overgrown and grassy areas around the property that hadn’t been serviced in many years. There was also illegal dumping in some of the areas. They had a very tight timeline to get the work completed due to an upcoming inspection.


Earth Development discussed the problems with the customer and helped offer a solution that would fit within their budget and timeline while also minimizing future maintenance costs.  Earth Development provided weed control, leaf pick up, trash and debris disposal, and even removed weeds growing on the roof. We did this all with minimal notice and completed it all in time for their inspection.  We also came up with a plan on how to maintain the area for the future with minimal maintenance costs.