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Snow Removal Services for a Retail Company in Appleton, WI

Company: Fleet Farm Appleton

Industry: Retail

Location: Appleton, WI

Service: Snow Removal


They have hundreds of feet of awning covering their outdoor pallet racking. There had been a lot of snow lately and the snow had accumulated on the awning. This was followed by some sunny days, which heated up the awning and was causing the snow to slide off the awning and fall 15’ to the parking lot. This was a large safety hazard in case an employee or customer was hit by falling snow.


The customer reached out to us to find possible solutions to the problem.  We were able to quickly devise a way to get the snow safely pushed off of the awning.  We coned off the work area to prevent any customers or store employees from entering the area.  We were able to work from the roof to push the snow off of the awning, which prevented risk to our employees.  One crew was able to quickly get all of the snow pushed off the awning, while another crew was clearing the snow from the pavement.  The quick and efficient work prevented any down time for the customer and also prevented any accidents from occuring.