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Snow Removal Services for a Retail Company in Green Bay, WI

Company: Pick N Save

Industry: Retail

Location: Green Bay, WI

Service: Snow Removal


The store had a water line break during a cold snap when there were temperatures of -10 and below.  The water was flowing out of the main entrance of the store and freezing in the parking lot and on sidewalks.  This created a huge hazard in front of the store when the water froze, creating several inches of ice.


As soon as we were notified about the incident, we immediately dispatched crews to assess the situation.  Upon arrival we made sure that the area was blocked off to prevent any customers from slipping and falling.  Due to the extreme cold temperatures, regular salt would not work to melt the ice.  Since we have a close relationship with a salt supplier we were able to quickly acquire salt that would work at lower temperatures to melt the ice.  We then salted the ice and monitored it.  We had employees that continued to scrape and salt the ice until it was all gone.  By being able to respond quickly and have access to non-traditional products, we were able to prevent any accidents and resolve the situation.