Commercial Snow Removal in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Are you looking for a trustworthy firm that can handle roads, sidewalks, and parking lots in and around your property during the winter season? Look no further. Earth Development provides professional commercial snow removal services in Milwaukee, Mequon, Waukesha, Wauwatosa, and other parts of Wisconsin.
We care about our clients. That’s why we have an impeccable reputation and one of the highest customer satisfaction rates in the business. Our company provides affordable, professional landscaping, snow removal, snow plow and ice maintenance services. As a result, you can improve your revenue, as well as make your staff and customers safer during winter.
So, why should you pick us among other snow removal companies in Milwaukee, Wisconsin?

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Why Choose Us for Snow Removal?

Earth Development has over 20 years of expertise and the necessary technology to address your concerns during snowfall in Milwaukee and other Wisconsin areas.

What sets us apart from the competition? Let’s take a look.

  • Perfected strategies and innovative technology. We offer efficient snow plow, ice maintenance, and deicing solutions. This way, we can keep your parking lots and roads clean and safe all winter long.
  • Client-oriented approach. Earth Development can inspect your property before it snows to identify the most appropriate and affordable snow removal solutions before problems arise.
  • Excellent customer service. Our hotline is available 24/7 to address all customer concerns and answer the most important questions as quickly as possible.
  • Extensive resources. We employ hundreds of specialists and possess over 500 units of snow clearing equipment to cover all of our client’s needs.
  • Meteorologist services. Earth Development won’t wait for snowfall to come. We can anticipate storm developments to be one step ahead.

Billing accuracy. Invoice inconsistencies are one of the primary problems of local commercial snow removal businesses. However, we are extremely accurate and charge only for the work we actually do.

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Removing Snow for the Safety of Your Customers

Clean sidewalks, roads, parking lots, and building entrances say a lot about your company.

A proper commercial snow removal company will take care of your property and ensure that it stays dry throughout the season. It will show both your clients and your employees that you care about their safety.

Most importantly, snow removal services can improve your revenue during the winter season. Snowstorms cost the local economy billions of dollars in damages and lost productivity. However, a loss of profits won’t be one of your concerns with us at your side.

Over the last two decades, Earth Development provided timely commercial snow removal solutions in Wisconsin. Our efforts have already saved our customers over $1 billion.

Feel free to drop us a call at (920) 406-7501 or contact us via the website form to learn more about our services.


Bill Bruss
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"I was hesitant to switch from the company I used before. Now I am extremely happy that I did. They are very easy to deal with, they do what they say they are going to do, the communication is excellent, their prices are good and when I was in a pinch they bent over backwards to help me."

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FAQ About Commercial Snow Removal in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  • How long will my snow removal in Milwaukee, Wisconsin take?

    It always depends on the amount of snow we have to clean. Other factors that affect the completion time are:

    • the particular area that needs cleaning
    • the number of obstacles on your property like concrete medians and signposts
    • sidewalks that need shoveling
    However, we always strive to clear your property as fast as possible.

  • Do you also provide snow shoveling in the Milwaukee area?

    In addition to snow shoveling, we provide myriads of other snow removal services to keep your property safe and dry throughout winter. The solutions that we provide include:

    • Snow blowing
    • Ice management & removal
    • Sidewall shoveling
    • Deicing and salting

  • Do I need to call you, or will you automatically come out when the snow on the ground reaches a certain level?

    We won't wait until your property is covered in snow. Our on-staff meteorologists supply us with data about upcoming storms and blizzards. As a result, we will notify you about forthcoming issues and address them in due time. This way, your business won't experience any difficulties in the winter season.

  • How do you charge for your snow removal services?

    Our scalable pricing plans are designed to fit any client. You are free to choose from a flat rate (for the work done), an hourly rate, and a seasonal contract.

    The seasonal contract is the most optimal option. You won't overpay no matter how much snow we clear. At the same time, you will pay less if we get less than the expected amount of snow to clean.

  • How many snow removal trucks do you have, and how many employees?

    As a reputable commercial snow removal vendor in Wisconsin, we must always be there for our clients on time. That’s why Earth Development has over 500 snow removal units ready to dispatch. At the same time, our staff comprises hundreds of experienced specialists, managers, and help desk employees to cater to your needs.

Here's why Milwaukee loves us...



When 2 feet of snsow blanketed us and other contractors couldn’t deliver, we did. We served our clients and theirs.

Well Equipped


With 500 units in our fleet, we’re prepared for every caliber of storm, when our competitors are not.

Custom Solution


We’ll inspect and prep your lot before the snow starts falling to identify and execute the solutions that best suit your unique needs.

On Your Side


Knowledgable and attentive, our customer service staff will work the problem with you. We’re on your team.



Our on-staff meteorologist helps us anticipate important storm developments, so we’re always a step ahead.



We’ll do it right, on time, every time. No cut corners. No hand-holding.



With 20 years in the business, we’ve seen it all and are prepared for anything.



We prioritize the safety of your employees and customers.

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100 +


With over 500 units in our fleet, we’re prepared for every caliber of winter storm when our competitors are not.

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98% of our clients are so satisfied with our performance, they stick around the next year.

50 K


In our 20 years in business, our team has cleared snow from over 250,000 acres.

$ 1 B


Our clients don’t lose business to bad weather. To date, we’ve saved them over one billion in revenue.

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