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3 Tips for Wisconsin Snow Management

September 7, 2020
3 Tips for Wisconsin Snow Management
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Wisconsin winters and heavy snowfalls go hand-in-hand, so having an effective method of removing snow from your commercial property is key to a safe season. Timely snow removal is especially important in high-traffic areas such as sidewalks and busy streets, as pedestrians and potential customers need to be able to safely navigate your property without the fear of losing their footing.

Despite overseeing many moving parts of the business, owners need to be mindful of an efficient approach that prioritizes the safety of pedestrians, employees and consumers. If your business needs to improve the efficiency of its snow removal process, take advantage of the following tips.

Invest in a Snow Plow

Just as a snow blower is the most efficient way to clear snow from your home, a snow plow is the most efficient way to clear snow from your commercial business. Hiring a snow plow company that is dedicated to the safety of your property will help eliminate the stress and expenses of navigating a plow on your own.

Hiring a professional snow plow company in Wisconsin is also the safest approach to commercial snow removal. Commercial companies understand the safest and most efficient way to navigate the plow in order to complete each job in a timely manner. Many of these companies, including our own, are on call 24/7 during the winter months to closely monitor any snowfall development.

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Effective communication between different parts of the state is another helpful tactic for snow removal. In the case that there’s an area of town that hasn’t been cleared yet, that area can be particularly dangerous for both drivers and pedestrians. Communication between different areas of the state can alert professional removal companies that help is needed. It can also encourage pedestrians to stay inside until the weather has passed.

The US Department of Transportation notes that 23 percent of auto accidents occur due to inclement weather. Calling a professional snow removal company to remove snow from commercial businesses can help reduce the risk of unnecessary accidents.

Mobile App Usage

You use your phone to effectively communicate with those around you, so why not use it to get weather alerts? Being aware of the upcoming weather predictions allows you to plan for both snow removal and expected traffic accordingly. Utilize a trusted weather app to easily access weather updates instead of occasionally receiving updates from your computer or television. Not only will you waste less time, you’ll be safer along the way when you know what to expect.

If you notice a large snow storm is going to hit in a few days, it’s recommended to call a professional snow removal company in Wisconsin to safely and efficiently remove the snow.

Mobile app weather forecast


Having a business with a clean parking lot during the winter months helps prove to your customers that their safety is your number one priority. This approach can help drive your business even further and help each customer have a positive experience while on your property.

The above tips only go so far when you’re a one-person team or small business owner. We highly recommend utilizing the services of professional snow removal contractors to help ensure your property is safe and clear all winter with the least amount of hassle on your part. Contact our team at Earth Development today and we’ll gladly walk you through our various snow removal options.

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