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8 Winter Prep Tips for Facility Managers

July 26, 2023
8 Winter Prep Tips for Facility Managers
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A good winter maintenance plan is necessary for any kind of professional operation, whether you run a business, a nonprofit organization, or a government office. A facility management preventive maintenance checklist can help you stay on top of the specific challenges you are met with during the winter months, and at Earth Development we aim to bring you the most relevant and helpful information we can to help you keep your building and property protected.

Here is our eight-step plan to properly manage your building during the winter.

Prepare a Winter Maintenance Plan

The first step of our winter readiness checklist is to prepare your winter maintenance plan in advance. It’s always important to be ready for winter, so you can avoid the last-minute scramble to put systems in place to keep your operation moving during bad weather.

Use the summer or the fall to talk to your landscape contractor. At Earth Development, we offer both landscape contracting services and commercial snow removal. We’ll work with you to draw up a custom plan that suits your needs based on our knowledge of your business, your location, and more.

Prepare The Landscape

Landscape Preparation for Winter Facility Management

The winter is always rough on your trees and plants, but there are things that can be done to minimize that damage. Earth Development’s local contractors work with you to protect our lawns and plants, watering them before the ground freezes, adding mulch to protect the plants and soil, and much more.

Our lawn care services combined with our expert snow removal services mean we’ll handle all your outdoor needs throughout the year.

Decide Where to Store Snow

Earth Development’s snow plowing services often require a space on your property to store snow while it melts. It’s always best to plan this ahead and to know where this snow will be kept.

Find somewhere that is out of the way of cars and pedestrians, and which does not risk melting water spilling over onto walkways where it may re-freeze and create a safety hazard.

It’s also important to avoid storing snow on your lawn, as it will often kill the grass. As always, Earth Development is happy to help you find the right spot.

Protect The Roof

Easily one of the most important parts of your building management checklist is protecting your roof. Consider the pressure that a large amount of snow can put on your roof, and how ice can cause damage to your roof’s surface.

Roof protection includes checking that all flashings are secure, keeping your drains clear and being prepared to pump and clean them if they are not, and inspecting your roof every week leading up to the winter.

Protect Roof for Winter Facility Management

Be sure also to clean up tar seals and perform any repairs in the summer and fall to avoid any costly and dangerous repairs during the winter season.

Finally, plan for emergency snow removal if the snow build-up becomes too great. That means having a reliable snow removal company at hand to help.

Choose and Purchase Adequate De-Icing Materials

Choosing the right deicing materials is important, too. You’ll need deicers that work at the right temperature, are suitable for your surfaces, and fit your needs – whether that’s allowing cars to drive and park safely, or making safe walkways.

Thankfully, Earth Development can handle this dilemma so you don’t need to worry about it.

Repair and Protect Concrete

Cracked concrete and potholes are caused by the freeze-thaw effect. When water seeps into tiny cracks in concrete structures and freezes, before thawing out again, it expands those cracks and makes the structure unstable. This is true for buildings as well as surfaces.

There are lots of ways you can protect your concrete in winter, and we detailed them all in our blog post.

Secure Entrances & Exits

Secure Entrances and Exits for Winter Building Management

Not only can snow and ice make it dangerous for people to access your building, with walkways becoming slippery and dangerous, but your entrances themselves might quickly cause problems for your whole building.

Without adequate tenting or diversions in your entrances, cold air can quickly sweep through your building. Be sure to secure your entrances and prevent this cold air from sweeping through your foyer and beyond.

Find Your Snow Removal Company in Advance

Finally, make sure you have a snow removal company ready to go in advance. Earth Development is available all year round for landscaping in the warmer months and snow removal in the winter months – but it’s always wise to call us in advance so we can fully prepare your property and develop a snow removal plan that works for you.

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Eddy is a distinguished expert in the snow removal and landscaping industry, boasting over 20 years of experience. As an Advanced Snow Manager certified by the Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA), he is dedicated to upholding the highest industry standards. His strong commitment to excellence and relentless pursuit of improvement makes him a trusted voice in the snow removal and landscaping.
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