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Best Parking Lot Trees for Your Wisconsin Business

April 26, 2023
Best Parking Lot Trees for Your Wisconsin Business
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There are a lot of reasons why commercial landscaping specialists choose trees for commercial properties. Whether they’re parking lot trees or an addition to your lawn, businesses can provide customers and employees with more shaded areas and a more attractive space to enjoy during their time on the property.

At Earth Development, our landscaping specialists help turn Green Bay and Milwaukee commercial properties into great-looking outdoor spaces. It has an amazing effect on employee morale and ensures your customers are impressed the moment they see your office, manufacturing facility, or other commercial space.

Why Trees Are So Important for Your Parking Lot

We’ve already alluded to a few reasons why parking lot landscaping is so important, but there are many other reasons, too! Our teams of local commercial landscaping experts at Earth Development help businesses make the most out of their properties.

Here are some of the most important reasons why commercial and car park landscaping is so important for your business.

Improve Customer Experience

The presence of trees on your industrial or commercial property completely changes the look and the feel of the space. With strategically-placed trees, you can turn a warehouse or an office building into an attractive space where people feel welcome. They also provide shade on sunny days. These things are so important for your employees – who spend every workday on-site – as well as your visitors.

A more attractive outdoor space gives customers the best first impression, shows that you care about your brand, and makes them more inclined to return. All of that can be achieved with parking lot trees and car park landscaping!

Trees For Parking Lot

Reduce Air Pollution

Trees may also act as a barrier between your property and the roads, helping reduce traffic emissions and giving you cleaner air to breathe.

Trees strategically placed between your property and the road can help reduce ozone, nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide, sulfur oxide, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide from your site. Car park landscaping looks great and keeps you and your team healthier!

Natural Sound Buffer

Don’t forget that trees also act as a great natural buffer for noise. Our team can choose the perfect parking lot trees and strategically place them in areas that ensure they act as a natural noise buffer, blocking the sound of busy roads and making your commercial property a nicer place to work and do business.

What Challenges Do Parking Lot Trees Face?

One of the reasons why choosing a good commercial landscaper is so important is there are some stumbling blocks to overcome to ensure that your parking lot trees stay healthy. A commercial landscaper knows how to overcome these challenges.

parking lot trees

Let’s take a look at some of them.

Poor Soil

A common problem that commercial property owners face is that there simply isn’t enough soil for trees to grow – and even if there is soil, it often contains very little oxygen. This is common in commercial spaces that weren’t designed for plant life.

That’s why professional landscape bed maintenance services are essential for maintaining your parking lot trees. Earth Development can handle not just the soil, but also ongoing tree pruning services to ensure those trees stay healthy.

Lack of Water

Given that commercial properties are typically covered in paved surfaces, you should also expect less water to be available to your trees. These surfaces are usually designed to ensure that water quickly drains away – and typically, the water is directed into drains and not into the soil. That means parking lot trees need special care and regular maintenance from commercial landscaping professionals.

Excess Heat

Just as all those paved surfaces cause a shortage of water in the soil, they also generate a lot of heat. The ground really absorbs the sun on hot days – especially when there is little shade. The temperature increases as buildings and cars reflect light and heat, too, posing an additional challenge for plant life on your property.

Choosing Parking Lot Trees For Your Commercial Property

Okay, so now you know the challenges, how do you know which are the right parking lot trees for your business?

Best Trees For Commercial Parking Lots In Wisconsin

There are many good parking lot tree options that can truly transform your outdoor space. When it comes to commercial landscape trees, you may want to make your decision according to the cost and size of the tree (and the best shade trees for parking lots!), as well as the overall look.

There are plenty of trees to choose from – and picking the right tree is as important as choosing the right parking lot landscaping services from specialists!

parking lot landscaping

Armstrong Maple

If you’re looking for fast-growing commercial landscape trees, this is a great option. The Armstrong Red Maple grows as high as 60 feet and grows with a spread of up to 25 feet.

The trees also have a moderate root growth and are entirely safe for planting on commercial properties so long as they are planted more than 30 feet away from a building. They look attractive, too, with a silver-gray bark and amazing red leaves in the fall.


Once the most common street tree in the United States, the American Elm is making a comeback! This tree, which was once almost destroyed by Dutch Elm Disease, is now more disease resistant and perfect for parking lots and other paved areas.

They’re also salt tolerant, too. That means the tree can survive the use of salt in the winter – perfect for the Midwest climate!

Littleleaf Linden

The Littleleaf Linden is an attractive-looking tree with a dense canopy, making it great for blocking out particulates and noise. It’s also not affected greatly by air pollution, making it ideal for lining the border of your property and blocking your building off from the road.

Incredibly, it can also withstand compacted soil and poor drainage – making it ideal for parking lots and paved areas.

Swamp White Oak

Native to eastern North America, the Swamp White Oak is a deciduous tree that has a wide, open, and round crown. The trunk can grow as high as 60 feet, with a spread potentially just as wide. It grows moderately quickly.

With its stunning yellow, brown, and red leaves in the fall, it looks fantastic all year round – and provides plenty of shade during the summer months. They really are some of the best shade trees for parking lots.

Local Commercial Landscaping Experts Throughout the Midwest

Whether you’re looking to block road noise on your commercial property, make your space look more attractive, or give yourself more shade in the summer months, there are many amazing options available to you.

With the challenges that parking lot trees so often face, however, commercial landscaping services from seasoned professionals are essential for keeping your trees healthy.

At Earth Development, we have teams of local landscaping professionals throughout the Midwest ready to keep your lawns and foliage healthy and attractive all year round.

For a free quote and consultation, why not give us a call?

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