Trusted landscaping and lawn care services in Green Bay

There are many commercial landscape contractors to choose from in Green Bay, Wisconsin, but there are none more professional, more trusted, and more reliable than Earth Development. Offering all-encompassing Green Bay landscaping designs and services, we are the go-to for all your lawn care needs.

Our team of local contractors is available throughout the community to work on large and small commercial landscaping projects. As a leading landscaping company, Green Bay residents turn to us for everything from design services to adding water features and tackling snow removal for all your seasonal needs. The Earth Development landscaping company is popular with chain stores/offices and small businesses alike.

As one of the most trusted landscaping companies in Green Bay, WI, you can count on us to turn up on time, provide services regularly, and remove the stress of maintaining your lawn and foliage entirely. We handle everything from lawn dethatching and maintenance to tree pruning, pest management, and so much more for all your landscaping in Green Bay and the Northeast Wisconsin area.

Whatever your landscaping needs, our local team is just a stone's throw away and ready to perform all manner of landscaping services depending on your exact needs for premium Green Bay lawn care offerings.

Earth Development is a full-service landscape company with landscapers in Green Bay, WI, and beyond. So, why not save yourself some time and entrust your outdoor space with local specialists with years of experience providing lawn care in Green Bay, WI, and the surrounding Northeast Wisconsin area?

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Our Commercial Landscape Services

Our Commercial Landscape Services

When we say Earth Development is a full-service landscaping company in Green Bay, WI, we mean it. Our services are wide-ranging and comprehensive, making us your one-stop shop for all things landscaping.

  • Lawn Maintenance Service

    Handling everything from lawn mowing to weed control, our lawn care services in Green Bay WI cover all your landscaping needs.
  • Landscape Bed Maintenance

    As part of our Green Bay lawn care service, our fully insured landscapers curate and maintain landscape beds. Ideal for creating a professional space with beautiful seasonal foliage, our landscape beds will perfectly accentuate your landscape.
  • Landscape Construction

    To build your landscape design from the ground up, we use our expertise to tackle all landscape construction projects. Our local landscapers in Green Bay help you make the most out of outdoor spaces with all kinds of construction and hardscaping services.
  • Landscape Renovation

    As one of the leading landscape companies in Green Bay, WI, our team offers complete landscape renovations, helping you plant new trees, come up with new landscape design ideas, and so much more.
  • Lawn Aeration Service

    To maintain your landscape and promote healthy soil, our fully licensed crew provides lawn aeration. By making tiny holes in your soil, we ensure your ground gets the nutrition and hydration it needs.
  • Lawn Clean Up

    Part of maintaining a healthy lawn is cleaning up. As part of each project, our team will clean your yard for a pristine finish.
  • Lawn Dethatching Service

    Lawn dethatching is the process of removing dead organic material from between each blade of grass. This is no easy task, and best left to our professional business to do it right.
  • Lawn Fertilizer Services

    Need help determining what fertilizer is best for you or how to apply it? As part of our process, we will handle the lawn fertilization task for you, ensuring it's done right to get the most out of the fertilizer.
  • Lawn Weed Control Services

    Say goodbye to unwanted weeds. To keep your weeds under control, our team will use effective weed control methods to create a weed-free lawn.
  • Parking Lot Sweeping

    For commercial properties, we know your parking lot is an essential part of your lot. With this in mind, our crew will ensure your lot is clean and safe for all visitors.
  • Tree Care Pruning Services

    To keep your yard looking good and safe, our crew can be hired for tree care pruning. This process will ensure no branches fall and harm those beneath.
  • Integrated Pest Management

    When planting new flowers or trying to keep your grass healthy, pests can do a lot to harm your progress. Thankfully, our crew will use effective methods to free your property from insects, fungi, and other pests that kill plants and irritate people.

Commercial Lawn Care Made Easy in Green Bay with Earth Development

When it comes to every detail of your lawn care, there's a reason so many residential and commercial properties hire Earth Development for the project.

There's no reason to spend your days stressing over the foliage around patios or the construction involved in creating landscape beds. Tackling everything from pruning and weeding to edging, mowing, and fertilizing, our crew is proud to handle every detail of your landscape project. With an expert team and decades in the industry, we are proud to offer the finest landscape services to the Wisconsin area.

To find out more about our offerings and receive a free estimate, contact us at 920-475-2807 today.

Client’s testimonials

I was hesitant to switch from the company I used before. Now I am extremely happy that I did. They are very easy to deal with, they do what they say they are going to do, the communication is excellent, their prices are good and when I was in a pinch they bent over backwards to help me.
Bill Bruss

Why Clients Say We're the Best Commercial Landscaper in Green Bay

Businesses across Green Bay trust our local teams with all their landscaping needs. Whether it’s price, service, or the personal touch, clients keep on coming back because we provide the most comprehensive and reliable landscaping services around.

  • Trusted Local Professionals

Every single one of our landscaping professionals has a long history in the local area, providing businesses and homeowners with exceptional landscaping services. With a great local reputation, you can always expect a quality service. 

  • Easy Communication

Need to contact your landscapers? It’s as easy as giving them a call. With a dedicated team familiar with your property and your needs, it’s always easy to get in touch, make changes to your services, or ask questions.

  • Pricing Transparency

From the initial consultation, our teams always ensure that you understand what services you’re signed up for and what they will cost. Combine competitive rates, pricing transparency, and an excellent service and you get the best landscaping service there is.

  • Quality Service, Always

Our teams of local professionals across Green Bay and Wisconsin bring you a guaranteed reliable, high-quality service. By taking the time to understand your needs and your business, our teams ensure your landscaping services are 100% customized and delivered to the highest of standards.

Read our latest case study on landscape maintenance for a Green Bay company.

Why Clients Say We’re the Best Commercial Landscaping Provider in Green Bay

Industries We Serve

At Earth Development, we offer our services to a variety of industries from retailto administrative facilities. Here are some of them but we serve much more!
Green Bay, WI - Logistics


Offering our landscape expertise to logistics hubs for decades, our team of professionals is proud to design and maintain your grounds for pristine business operations.

Green Bay, WI - Retail


Create a welcoming environment for all your customers with our landscape designs curated for each retail project. With our expert gardeners and contractors, we will make your business look great before customers even enter.

Green Bay , WI- Healthcare


A healthcare landscape requires a special dedication to functionality and accessibility, and our team does just that. With ample maintenance, an easy-to-navigate hardscape, and state-of-the-art equipment, we boost your medical facility's landscape with ease.

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