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5 Commercial Landscape Ideas

April 26, 2023
5 Commercial Landscape Ideas
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One of the best ways of conveying the prominence and professionalism of your business to a community is to have a well-manicured and beautiful landscape. Not only does this convey the message that your business has a brand worth paying attention to, but it helps people engage with your business and can even practically direct the flow of traffic into-and-out-of your facility. A well-maintained landscape can attract new clients, can add value to the community and can be a boon to the environment. Each business must decide what look-and-feel fits them best, of course; so here are 5 commercial landscaping ideas that could spruce up your place of business.


This open air workspace in naperville illinois is a great example of using landscaping to improve employee satisfaction.

One of the trends brought to the workplace by the Millennial generation and further emphasized by the incoming Generation Z, is outdoor workspaces. Many businesses today are embracing this trend by offering areas in and around their buildings that have outdoor tables and benches in the midst of a beautiful garden or landscaped areas, where employees are allowed to work when the weather allows for it. Some businesses are conducting more meetings outdoors, as well, and research shows that production increases for many employees who have this as an option. Atriums or open-air enclosed spaces on the grounds are also acceptable forms of this commercial landscaping option. Bringing the workplace into an outdoor environment could be a way to increase productivity and increase employee retention.


While water conservation continues to be a major issue for most businesses in regards to their landscaping efforts, the use of a unique group of plants or landscaping design definitely contributes to the originality of a commercial property. Many business owners are utilizing trends, colors and design ideas inspired by a wide variety of artists and designers all over the world. Finding that one-of-a-kind look can really go into effect anywhere on your grounds – from the entryway to the parking lot to the rear of the building that might serve as a break area for your employees. Perhaps utilizing plants of a certain color will reinforce your brand identity, or maybe tall trees will reinforce the stature you’re trying to represent with your business. Whatever it is, consider a distinctive design that will have people around the area referring to your place of business as a beautiful landmark of the community.


Adding landscaping around your business sign can be an effective way to make your business stand out.

Every business has a sign out front – it’s standard operating procedure in today’s workplace. But that doesn’t mean your sign has to fit the same old boring mold as everyone else’s. The sign at the entrance to your property can not only set the tone for the rest of the landscape around your facility but can also give visitors that first impression that you want to set you and them up for good vibes later on. Sure, that sign is a permanent fixture, but creating some landscaping around the sign in a way that is beautiful, professional and gives visitors that “Wow” factor is something that truly makes the best businesses stand out from the rest.


Concerned about an ugly parking lot that does nothing to up the beauty of your facility? Consider a sloped entrance that will help mask that lot and the buildings behind the entrance. Low-maintenance turf can be planted on the slope for a green backsplash, and rock outcroppings can control erosion and create more of a natural hill look-and-feel. Sure, mowing lawns on a slope might take more time and landscape maintenance, but the overall aesthetic is worth it in most cases. Other alternatives are using a retaining wall or layered entrances, both of which fulfill environmental factors – like erosion control and water runoff – while also looking beautiful.


While it may make an impression for a visitor to your facility if they see palm trees at your property in Wisconsin, it doesn’t make a lot of sense. And in actuality, utilizing native plants and annuals in your commercial landscaping can reinforce your business’ identity and place within the community or region. Native plants are a hardy, natural choice for some property entrances because they blend with the environment and are adapted to your region’s climate, so they require less care to thrive. And when someone arrives on your property and sees a well-manicured landscape that utilizes plants that look like they belong in that area, it gives them a subtle sense of security and assurance that they can trust you and your business. And let’s face it, the best kind of business interaction is based on trust.

But if these ideas don’t match your business layout, contact us at Earth Development and we can help you make your commercial landscape look good with our landscape maintenance services.

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