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Guide to Landscaping Fabric

April 26, 2023
Guide to Landscaping Fabric
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If you often find your landscape overrun by weeds, you may want landscaping fabric. Landscaping fabric prevents weeds from overtaking your property. Whether this is in a garden bed or grass, it can aid in weed control. Landscaping fabric is a weed control that doesn't take away from the look of your garden. 

What is Landscaping Fabric?

Landscaping fabric blocks out unwanted growths in your landscape areas and garden beds. It prevents weeds from growing but allows for your soil to continue to be fertilized. The fabric is breathable. This allows essential nutrients to get to the plants through the soil. It is best to cover it with gravel or mulch.  This will prevent the gravel from getting dirty and will prevent the mulch from decaying.

Why Should You Install It?

You should install it to slow the growth of weeds and reduce your constant need to use herbicides. It works best in garden beds with shrubs, as it keeps the soil moist and temperature controlled. Since it can look out of place in a garden, it is great to cover it in gravel or mulch. It helps with the maintenance of those as well. 

How to Install it For Garden Beds 

Weed Barrier

Ensure that your gardening area is completely weed-free. Pull up all existing weeds before doing anything.


You must work all compost and additives into the garden soil by turning it. Since the fabric will be covering the soil and you cannot work on it once it has been laid.


Make sure that the soil lays completely flat by removing any rocks or sticks that may be hiding in it.

Laying the Fabric

You can now unroll the landscaping fabric by laying it lengthwise on the gardening bed. Make sure that it goes completely from one edge to the other.

Sizing the Fabric

Cut the fabric so that it fits your area, and use the extra pieces to overlap the pieces. This will prevent weeds from getting between the gaps.

Existing Plants

In order to accommodate existing plants, cut holes in the fabric for them.

Securing the Fabric

Make sure the fabric lays completely flat. Once it is flat, push a landscaping staple into the fabric every few feet. Then secure the edges of your landscaping fabric by including joints where the fabrics meet.

Growing New Plants

Where you want to plant new plants, cut an X or a hole in the fabric, and plant the seeds directly underneath it.

Covering the Fabric

You can now cover your landscaping fabric in two inches of mulch or wood chips. Be careful laying this around existing plants.

How Do You Install Landscaping Fabric on Grass?  

Finding Fabric

Find a fabric that breathes, but that won’t allow for the grass to grow through it.

Grass Length

Cut your grass as short as possible. 

Laying the Fabric

You can now lay your fabric over the grass and secure it by pulling it tight. 

Securing the Fabric

Push staples into the fabric to make sure that it will stay put, and that there are no gaps in the fabric.

Covering the Fabric

Find gravel or rock to put over top of the fabric, as mulch would erode on the grass.

What Are Common Landscaping Fabric Alternatives?

Every job requires something different, depending on your area and needs. When working in a seasonal area, lighter fabric options are best. When working with sidewalks or river rocks, you will need the most heavy-duty landscaping fabric. It is a common misconception that all landscaping fabrics are the same. this isn't true and can lead to fabric ripping and ruining your project. Regardless of what fabric is right for your project, just make sure that the fabric is woven, not plastic.

Contact us at Earth Development and we will free you from the worries of installing landscape fabric or from the problem of choosing alternatives. For more than 20 years we have been providing landscaping and lawn maintenance services and are always ready to help you.

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