Minnesota Winter Forecast

How Much Snow Should You Expect: Winter Forecast for Minnesota 2020-2021

Minnesota businesses are impacted severely by the winter weather each year. The businesses that prepare for the snowy weather and freezing temperatures, and who hire the help of snow removal and ice management experts, are the ones who minimize that impact and keep their doors open.

Winter 2020-2021 is no different from any other year, and predictions even suggest that businesses might have an even greater than normal need to prepare. From increased snowfall to freezing temperatures lasting for longer, here’s what you should expect this winter in Minnesota.

Minnesota Snow Predictions 2020-2021 from The Farmers’ Almanac

Winter in Minnesota Forecast

The Farmers’ Almanac is famous for its long-range weather predictions. The American periodical has been providing businesses across the United States and Canada with some of the most accurate forecasts for weather for hundreds of years, and its predictions for Minnesota 2020-2021 winter suggest businesses and homeowners need to prepare for increased levels of snowfall.

Minnesota should expect a cold winter with “above normal snowfall” according to the latest predictions, with snow being “abundant” across the upper Midwest.

Last year, the North-Eastern of the United States experienced pretty much no snow, while the Midwest still saw usual snowfall and was hit by a salt shortage. This year, the Farmers’ Almanac is predicting a possible blizzard hitting the Mid-Atlantic and North-Eastern states in the second week of February which will have a knock-on effect on states reaching into the Midwest.

The Great Lakes Region in the Midwest will experience above-normal snowfall, and with a “cold, very flaky” season.

The Upper Midwestern region has some very specific predictions for October and November. The Farmer’s Almanac says that October will turn sunny in the final week, turning warm. But as soon as November comes along, the rain will turn to snow, before turning sunny and cold in the first week. The second week of November will be sunny and mild, with the third week seeing rain once again turning to snow. Flurries of cold weather and snow will begin at the end of that week, with snow showers in the second to last week and mild flurries in the final week.

In December, the snow will ramp up a gear, and businesses will really need to make sure their ice management protocols and plans are in place. Without them, customers, colleagues, and clients will be unable to safely access your business premises.

Preparing for Minnesota Winter 2020-2021

Minnesota Winter

Announcing the new predictions, Farmers’ Almanac editor Peter Geiger said that preparing for the unexpected “is more important than ever”. And that is certainly true.

At Earth Development, we have the tools, knowledge, and team to help you prepare for whatever the winter weather has to throw at Minnesota.

Whether you’re in Minneapolis, St. Paul, or any other city or region throughout the state, our teams are ready to help you prepare. We cater to small and large businesses alike.

By taking the proper precautions, and by attending your property before, during, and after winter weather events, we’ll prevent the build-up of snow and ice and help maintain foot traffic for your business in the winter.

We are taking the requests for snow removal for the next season 2021-2022! Call today and we’ll arrange a consultation and assessment of your property, and come up with a custom plan that suits your precise needs and budget.