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Winter Forecast for Minnesota 2022-2023: How Much Snow Should You Expect?

January 31, 2023
Winter Forecast for Minnesota 2022-2023: How Much Snow Should You Expect?
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This year, the Minnesota winter forecast 2022-2023 comes with a La Ninã Watch from the NOAA, meaning that precipitation will be above normal, which usually results in higher snowfalls. With increased rain and Minnesota snow expected as part of the Minnesota winter prediction 2022-2023, extra care needs to be taken including snow removal to ensure businesses can operate and families can get in and out of their homes.

Winter in the twin cities is always cold, but what does the Minnesota winter forecast 2022-2023 specifically look like? When it comes to the winter outlook, we are taking notes from the farmer’s almanac to share what you can expect of the winter weather in Minneapolis this year.

Minnesota Snow Predictions 2022-2023 from Farmer’s Almanac

Winter in Minnesota Forecast

Transitioning from La Nina’s effects in the first half of 2022, El Nino will arrive for the second half of the year and will continue through 2023. With this new front, El Nino is expected to bring more hot and dry conditions across the country, yet quite the opposite is expected for many Northern regions before the Spring and Summer season.

For the Minnesota winter 2022-2023 outlook, the farmer’s almanac is predicting temperatures below normal for the winter ahead. Some of the coldest periods will come during late November, early December, throughout January, and mid-February.

In terms of precipitation for the winter outlook, snowfall and precipitation will be less than normal in the eastern region, while coming in heavier and above normal in the west. To anticipate the snow ahead, the snowiest times will be late November, December, and early to late March.

In fact, the farmers' almanac winter forecast predicts that there might be a snowstorm in Minnesota around March 6-9, as well as March 25-27 - anticipating a colder, snowier spring season.

With the prolonged snowfall, Minnesota will also experience extremely cold temperatures. The Minnesota winter forecast 2022-2023 includes predictions of extremely cold temperatures, potentially as low as 40 degrees below zero, specifically around mid-January timing.

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What Was Winter 2021-2022 in Minnesota?

Last year, the Farmer’s Almanac predicted that Minnesota’s 2021 winter forecast would feature 57% fewer days of measurable precipitation in February compared to the month prior. That being said, there were significant snowfall and weather conditions during the month of February, impacting weather conditions and school closures across the state.

Last year, Minnesota saw a long-duration winter, with snowfall amounts of 6 to 12 inches across the Northeast of the state, with areas around Lake Superior seeing over a foot of snow. Additionally, the state experienced a significant cold front on February 20, with snow developing in the aftermath. Ultimately, this significant weather led to school closures the Monday following the storm. While the precipitation and snow didn’t cease, last year’s farmer’s almanac did predict that December - early March would be snowy, with late February experiencing one of the snowiest periods - a prediction that came true.

In addition to the accurate weather predictions, Minnesota experienced strong winds throughout the winter months, with gusts over 40mph during some of the major storms, such as the one on the weekend of February 20. Peak gusts reached winds of 54 mph.

Preparing for Minnesota Winter 2022-2023

Physical house and business safety remain paramount to surviving the winter. At Earth Development, we have the tools, knowledge, and team to help you prepare for whatever winter weather has to throw at Minnesota.

Whether you’re in Minneapolis, St. Paul, or any other city or region throughout the state, Earth Development can help you with our snow and ice management services. We take proper precautions and attend to your property before, during, and after winter weather events to prevent snow and ice build-up and maintain foot traffic for your business in winter.

Our qualified and fully insured team uses the best technology and equipment to clear important home and business entry points. We have several competitively priced snow removal and deicing plans to ensure you have everything you need to combat challenging winter weather.

Whether you need an emergency snow removal service or general landscaping maintenance, we are here to help! We offer snow blowing, snow plowing, snow shoveling, and sidewalk shoveling services. Our strategies and techniques in snow removal will help keep you safe and productive.

We are taking requests for snow removal for the next 2021-2022 season!

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