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How to Repair Slate Tile Sidewalk?

April 26, 2023
How to Repair Slate Tile Sidewalk?
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Looking for slate sidewalk repair? Or want to know how to do it?

At Earth Development, we think it’s important not just to provide reliable and affordable commercial landscaping services in Wisconsin, but we also aim to inform readers and visitors to our website. That’s why we explain how fertilizers work, the best time of year to start landscaping, and even how to repair slate tile sidewalks.

Business owners love slate tile because it looks attractive, it suits a variety of garden styles and offers a good-looking walkway for customers, clients, and employees to use. And, while it looks great – and presents your business premises in the best possible light for everyone who visits – the fact it is exposed to the elements means it could potentially be damaged.

Even as a durable and low-maintenance surface, which are another couple of reasons why commercial property owners love slate sidewalks, these paving stones can be damaged in the same way any other pavement can, whether through environmental or mechanical stress.

Thankfully, slate patio restoration is well within your reach. Whether you choose to do it yourself or enlist the help of professional landscapers in Wisconsin to do it for you, you can easily replace these stones without ripping up the entire pavement and starting again.

Here’s how to repair a slate patio or walkway.

Prepare the Necessary Tools

Slate Tile Repair Tools

First of all, gather all the tools you’ll need and have them handy. You’ll need:

  1. Chisel or knife
  2. Broom
  3. Level
  4. Fine Builder’s Sand
  5. Trowel

You’ll also need to maker sure you have the right tiles. Whether it’s the exact same slate tile originally used in the sidewalk is down to you. It’s fairly easy to find similar-looking tiles, and should you choose something slightly different, you may wish to replace tiles in a random pattern throughout the sidewalk to turn it into a design or pattern.

Slate Tile Repair

Now, you’re ready to start repairing your sidewalk by removing the damaged tiles.

Remove the Grout

Slate Tile Repair

The grout is the substance used to apply the tiles to the ground, and connect them to each other. Use the knife or chisel to remove the grout from the edges of the damaged tile. Once you have fully removed the ground, you’ll be able to get the purchase of either side of the tile. Using your chisel or another flat tool, gently push the tile out of place.

Removing the Tile

Sidewalk Slate Installation and Repair

Be extra vigilant and careful when using your tool to pry the tile out of place. If you drop your chisel or heavy equipment on surrounding tiles, you could end up needing to replace even more tiles!

If the stone or tile you’re replacing doesn’t feel like it is moving, chip away at more of the grout until you feel that it is no longer perfectly adhered to the rest of the pavement or patio.

You may wish to use gloves when using your hands to remove the damaged tile as it may smash into smaller pieces as you pull it away, which could cut your hands.

Replacing the Tile

Repair Slate Tile

Now, you’re ready to replace the tile.

You’ll first want to start leveling off the area where the tile will sit using the builder’s sand. Once you’ve created a flat surface for the tile, simply place it back on top and then press it into the sand using the rubber mallet. Get the tile firmly in place, and sweep the area to remove any excess sand. If you have the same kind of grout used originally, you may also want to use this to firmly keep the tile in place.

That’s how to repair slate tile sidewalks and patios!

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