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Why Businesses Use Slate In Outdoor Landscaping and Great Ideas to Consider

April 26, 2023
Why Businesses Use Slate In Outdoor Landscaping and Great Ideas to Consider
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For many businesses, outdoor landscaping is an afterthought – but consider some slate stone landscape ideas and you may soon realize the amazing things you can achieve with simple patios and walkways. It’s a way of ensuring your commercial property looks as good on the outside and as it does on the inside, and give your customers and clients the best possible first impression.

Whether your commercial building has a rundown exterior, or you’re just looking for something more exciting than a plain lawn, there are lots of slate landscaping ideas you could consider. And, with the help of expert local contractors from Earth Development, you could soon have something incredible designed and installed at a competitive rate.

Give your Ohio commercial property the edge – or, for that matter, any commercial building you might own throughout the Midwest and surrounding regions. Earth Development offers fantastic customer service and a one-stop-shop for landscaping and garden maintenance, suitable for small businesses, large businesses, and chains.

Let’s take a look at why so many businesses choose slate for their outdoor space and some great ways you can use it.

What is Slate and Why Do Business Like It?

What is Slate

Slate is a metamorphic rock with fine grains, formed by layers of thin rock being pressed on top of one another. Over extremely long periods, the slate becomes so compacted it forms one solid rock. It is made of clay minerals, silicate minerals, and even quartz – meaning it has a unique look and feel. It looks delicate but is remarkably durable.

The fact that slate is so durable is why businesses love to use it in commercial landscaping. It’s ideal for terraces, decks, stair treads, walkways, patios, and more. It also comes in a variety of colors, so whatever style you’re going for, you can bet you’ll find a slate option that is right for you.

Durable, affordable, and great looking, slate is a great option for your business property’s outdoor space – and local landscapers from Earth Development can help you design something great and get the job done on time and on budget.

Most Popular Slate Types

There are lots of different kinds of slate. Because of the way the stone forms deep in the ground, no piece of slate ever looks the same as another. The only thing that remains consistent is texture and appearance, depending on where the slate is mined. Unlike some stones that look exactly the same, slate offers a unique look that is earthy and natural.

There are four major kinds of slate that businesses like to incorporate in their outdoor space – but the list really does go on. Let’s take a look at four particular styles that businesses contact Earth Development for help implementing into their outdoor spaces.

Chinese and Indian Slate

Chinese and Indian Slate

Chinese and Indian slate look particular exotic. The stones are more porous than many others, meaning they are better for spaces that have less foot traffic. They are still perfectly durable but may weather more quickly than other kinds of slate.

These two slate options offer some brighter colors, meaning they’re great for decorative outdoor spaces.

Brazilian Slate

Brazilian Slate

If you’re looking for darker colors, then Brazilian slate may just be for you. While offering the same subtle variations in patterns, Brazilian slate is usually gray or black. Some Brazilian slates have flecks of other colors and minerals but are typically darker in color.

This is a very durable form of slate, too.

Vermont Slate

Slate Vermont

Vermont slate comes from, you guessed it, Vermont. This is a much smoother slate in terms of texture and the color variation is much less than what you would expect from Brazilian slate. In terms of pattern, the Vermont slate is also much more uniform.

You can expect slight variations in tone and shade as you would with virtually all natural rock, but Vermont slate is ideal if you want something clean, simple, and almost looking as if it were manufactured. Ideal for long pathways.

African Slate

African Slate

Finally, there is an African slate. This is another one that is known for offering huge variations in colors. If you want a statement piece, you probably want an African slate. You’ll get oranges, grays, tans, blues, and many other colors, all combined with different specks of highlighting colors and minerals.

This is great for contrast, offering a flash of color on your green lawn.

Slate Finishes to Choose From

As if the choice between texture and color wasn’t enough, you can even choose between finishes. Once you’ve found a color and texture you like, you can choose between three popular styles.

Polished Slate

Polished Slate

Polished slate isn’t the most common, but it’s certainly an option. Only choose this if you don’t expect people to be walking on the slate, as the polished look makes it slippery. If used outdoors, it’s best to use as a statement piece rather than a walkway.

Honed Slate

Honed Slate

Honed slate is sanded, but only slightly sanded. You’ll get a nice surface that’s ideal for walking on, which offers good slip resistance, and which suits lots of different styles of garden.

Clefted Slate

Clefted to Star Natural Slate

Clefted slate is the most natural can get. This is slate with a rough and uneven surface which looks great, and which is still great for walking thanks to the friction it provides. Bear in mind, however, that it might be uncomfortable to talk on for long periods – so keep it for small patios or short walkways.

Slate Landscaping Ideas

If you’re wondering what are some of the ways that slate is used, there are plenty of ways you might already be familiar with. For home gardens, you might see slate used for pool areas and seating areas, but for businesses, they’re great for lots of other purposes too.

Access Roads

Slate Access Road

Slate is perfectly suited for access roads. Clefted slate might be the best option for this purpose, as it is durable and not polished, meaning it’s great for vehicles.

Garden Paths

Garden Slate Path

Need a path leading to your business entrance? Or want something that connects your building to another part of your property? Honed slate is your best bet.


Patio Slate

Patio spaces are perfectly well served by slate, too. Any kind of slate, in fact! Whether it’s a patio for your customers or space for your employees to relax, Earth Development landscaping experts can install something you’d love.


Veranda Slate Floor

The same goes for verandas! Slate suits verandas perfectly, offering a huge range of choices in terms of color, texture, and style.

Local Commercial Landscaping Specialists at Your Fingertips

Earth Development boasts a huge network of landscaping professionals across Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and beyond.

We connect you with local experts who will develop a custom landscaping plan for your business, ranging from lawn care and maintenance, to slate driveway ideas, renovation and maintenance work, and installing new slate paths, patios, and more.

To find out how we can help your business, and for a free quote, call the Earth Development team today!

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