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If you're on the hunt for commercial landscape contractors, but you only trust local professionals to do the job right, then Earth Development is here for you.

Our trusted local landscaping company connects businesses in Columbus with professionals from your area. Every team member is fully trained, qualified, and experienced enough to deliver comprehensive hard and soft landscaping services for your business.

With great prices and a team that always keeps you informed, Earth Development is ideal for business owners who want to keep their property looking great from the outside all year round.

Our Columbus Landscaping Services

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With expert lawn care service, our Columbus commercial landscaping capabilities run the gamut, from basic lawn maintenance to weed control and dethatching. For our commercial clients, we offer:

  • Commercial Lawn Care Services

    When it comes to lawn care, Columbus Ohio residents rely on our services for all their maintenance needs. From proper trimming and maintaining your landscapes, to knowing when and what the best treatments are for your property, no detail goes unnoticed.
  • Landscape Bed Maintenance

    For a stunning residential or commercial property, our landscapers will curate and maintain your flower beds for optimal curb appeal. Utilizing seasonal plants and flowers, we will ensure all your walkways are equipped with the right foliage for the season.
  • Landscape Construction

    From hardscapes to landscapes, our landscapers can handle all landscape construction, fully redesigning and building your landscape for a stunning finish.
  • Landscape Renovation

    To revitalize your landscapes, our team provides landscape renovations. Hire our team for your next renovation project, and we will bring your unique vision to life right on schedule.
  • Lawn Aeration Service

    An essential part of commercial landscape maintenance, our team offers lawn aeration. By creating tiny holes across your soil, we help enhance both water absorption and nutrient accrual, allowing your soil and grass to flourish.
  • Lawn Clean Up

    No matter the project, our crew offers lawn cleanup to ensure a quality, printing finish. With our services, you can count on your landscape looking clean and fresh with a beautiful design.
  • Lawn Dethatching Service

    To ensure healthy grass, our team provides dethatching services. As part of this, we are hired to remove the debris between each blade of grass, allowing your grass to grow without the risk of disease and rot.
  • Lawn Fertilizer Services

    No more guessing about what fertilizer to use and how often to use it. With expert knowledge of the best materials and when it's best to use fertilizer based on your type of grass and the weather, our team will handle the job for you.
  • Lawn Weed Control Services

    Say goodbye to weeds! As part of our landscaping, Columbus Ohio residents can count on us for weed control, removing and preventing weeds from sporting across the landscape and garden.
  • Parking Lot Sweeping

    As part of our maintenance of your entire landscape, we offer parking lot sweeping and snow removal to maintain a safe property. This way, you can ensure your parking lot is safe and secure for all visitors.
  • Tree Care Pruning Services

    To ensure the health of your trees and the safety of visitors, our experts offer tree pruning and trimming for safer landscapes.
  • Integrated Pest Management

    Essential to the maintenance of any landscape, our team performs integrated pest management. With our professional crew, we know just what materials and tools are best for preventing pests and promoting healthier plants.

Commercial Lawn Care in Columbus Made Easy

When it comes to landscapers, Columbus Ohio has it made. Our professional crew at Earth Development has worked in Columbus, OH for decades, and as a local business, we know a thing or two about what your landscape needs to thrive.

With immediate, on-demand services and knowledge of a breadth of landscape needs and designs, we provide everything from lawn aeration to gardening, weed control, full landscape construction, and other services. It's no wonder we are the go-to landscapers in Central Ohio.

Whether you hope to finally get a landscape that reflects your personality or are looking for some simple mowing or irrigation installation, our team is here to help. For more information on our landscapers and capabilities for the Columbus area, contact our company online today.

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Why Our Clients Say that We Are the Best Commercial Landscape Contractor in Columbus

Clients love Earth Development not just because of our all-encompassing hard and soft landscaping services … but because we deliver a professional service from trusted local experts at amazing prices! We know the importance of finding great services at low prices, and that's precisely what we deliver. Columbus, Ohio businesses trust our team because:

  • We offer transparent pricing and competitive rates
  • We keep you in the loop every step of the way
  • We handle all manner of hard and soft landscaping
  • We're fantastic for chains!
  • Our team spots potential problems because they become costly and problematic
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Industries We Serve

With years of good work across Columbus OH, our team is proud to offer our expertise to a number of different companies across industries. Our previous work has assisted various fields, including:
Logistics - Columbus, OH, Landscaping


Logistics are all about timing and smooth-running operations, and to assist these companies, our team creates pristine landscaping designs that are not only functional but beautiful, too.

Retail - Columbus, OH, Landscaping


It's time to create a welcoming exterior. To boost your walkways and attract more customers, our landscapers will elevate your retail landscape, ensuring you have a storefront that is just as beautiful as the merchandise.

Healthcare - Columbus, OH, Landscaping


To help keep medical facilities running smoothly and looking beautiful, our crew puts all our effort into creating functional, safe, and accessible landscape designs. This way, healthcare companies can run smoothly, focusing on helping those that need it most.

Client’s testimonials

I highly recommend Earth Development for all of your lawn care and snow plowing needs. Great company, great people, fast response time, very professional. Looking forward to a long working relationship with them.
Chad Gaedtke

Neighborhoods We Service in Columbus, OH

Servicing those across Columbus, OH and the surrounding neighborhoods, our landscaping company is proud to offer our expertise to a number of locations, including:

  • Downtown
  • Arena District
  • Short North
  • Grandview
  • Franklinton
  • Easton
  • Near East Side
  • German Village & Brewery District
  • Ohio State Campus & Clintonville
  • Dublin&Bridge park
  • Polaris and more!

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