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15 Pool Landscaping Ideas

April 26, 2023
15 Pool Landscaping Ideas
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When it comes to choosing what you want to do with the landscaping around your pool, there are many options. With these 15 different pool landscaping ideas, you can find a way to turn any basic pool into a getaway.

Tropical Escape

Bringing tropical foliage into your poolside landscaping creates a vacation vibe. Pair palm trees with a geometrical lawn design and this landscaping idea will add a lot to your pool. This design is great for privacy purposes but still looks great in any backyard.

Plant Oasis

Layering plants is a perfect technique for when you want to soften your landscape. A plant oasis also adds a romantic aspect to any poolside. Having a mix of tropical plants and flowers spilling over gives you your own oasis. This poolside landscape is great for smaller pools. All the plants will make it seem bigger and more luxurious.  

Seamless Transition

When your pool transitions into your lawn with ease, it creates ultimate relaxation. It makes for a sleek, modern look for your backyard, and you can still get the most out of your pool. This design is great for those with larger pools, as it keeps the space open.

Rocky Waterfall

Having a waterfall flow right into your pool can make it look both natural and high-end. It transitions your landscape to your pool in a way that is practical and can be a lot of fun. This one is ideal if you have a larger budget for your pool, and would really like to go all out with it.

Classic Fountains

Fountains are a staple when it comes to pool landscaping ideas. There is no way to go wrong with adding fountains into your pool landscape, whether they are classic or edgy. This landscape is great for those with a smaller pool. A fountain will add to the appearance that your pool extends further.

Natural Infinity

One of our favorite pool landscaping ideas! An Infinity pool creates the look that the pool goes on forever. It blends naturally into its surroundings. Placed in nature like this, it’s beauty is undeniable. This pool choice is great for those with a smaller place. The drop off makes it seem like it goes on forever so it will seem larger.


Adding height to your poolside landscaping can add excitement to your pool. This idea is more for an adventurous vibe. Not only does this landscape have a bridge over the waterfall, but it also has a slide and a pool-central hot tub. This landscaping idea is great for those with privacy concerns, as the height of the bridge conceals a lot.

Jungle Paradise

With large, tropical foliage spilling over the edge of your poolside, you will live in the jungle. It appears exactly how you’d imagine a tropical lagoon to look. This poolside landscape is great for those who love plants, and are prepared to care for a lot of them. It also adds an element of privacy to the pool.


Adding a creative hedge design can add a unique element to any pool landscape. It is a mixture of traditional landscaping with an artistic flair, that will make your pool stand out. This design is great for those with a large backyard and a large pool as it emphasizes the open spaces of the area.

Asian Flare

This Asian-inspired poolside landscape is both clean and edgy. While it has clean lines and simple shrubs, the statues and plants allow for tranquility. This poolside landscaping can be done with almost any budget. Depending on your budget, you can choose your plants and decorations accordingly.  

Above Ground

Having an above ground pool may make it feel like it is harder to create chic poolside landscaping. But much like this above ground pool, it is all about what you surround it with. This design is great if your backyard is not flat, but you want to find a way to incorporate the pool of your dreams.

High Hedges

With these hedges reaching high enough that no one can see in, it makes your pool your own private getaway. The simple landscaping with the high hedges gives this backyard a spa-like experience. This poolside landscaping is ideal for those who want complete privacy.

Fenced In

This poolside landscaping choice allows for both protection and safety. A fenced-in pool gives your pool a whole separate room. The lounge area behind the pool allows for ideal socializing, while still being able to keep an eye on the pool. A setup like this would work well for families with children.  

Slide With a Twist

When thinking of a pool, the first thing that comes to mind is the stereotypical slide into the public pool. This elegant and modern slide is a great take on the fun that a slide can provide. A slide like this fits effortlessly into the rest of the landscaping choices. This is ideal for adding an interactive element into your poolside landscaping.

Patio Transition

This poolside landscaping design lets your patio transition into your pool with ease. This transition would make entertaining in your backyard a breeze.


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