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Top 3 Reasons to Plant Perennials on Your Commercial Property in Wisconsin

April 26, 2023
Top 3 Reasons to Plant Perennials on Your Commercial Property in Wisconsin
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As the winter in Wisconsin starts to subside each year and temperatures begin to warm, it’s always a good time to think about the types of flowers to plant on your commercial property. There is nothing quite like blooming flowers to signal the arrival of spring and to create an attractive and inviting outdoor environment for your tenants and visitors.

When it comes to deciding the types of flowers to plant, you have a major choice to make. Should you plant annuals or perennials? We highly recommend you add at least a few perennials at the very least to your commercial property for several reasons, which we will go through in detail below.

Before we do, let’s get on the same page about the main difference between perennials and annuals. Whereas you have to replant annuals every year, perennials bloom more than once (hence the name).

So why add perennials to your commercial landscape? Here’s why.

Easy Care

Plant Perennials

The most practical reason for adding perennials to your garden is that they are much easier to maintain than annuals. Whether in a formal garden or a wildflower meadow, perennials require a lot less time watering, feeding, and tending to, which frees you up to focus on other areas of your landscape.

Once you plant perennials, don’t be surprised if you don’t see blooms in your first year. These plants will work hard to establish robust root systems, so they may only show green growth in their first year. However, the year after that, you’ll likely see amazing low-maintenance flowers to color your commercial landscape vibrantly.

That said, perennials are still plants, and they do still require some attention, as you’ll want to weed regularly and add some additional water when it’s particularly dry. All things considered, the level of fuss to take care of perennials is relatively minor. Plant these beauties and enjoy the extra time you’ll have to spend on other aspects of your garden.

Long Blooms

Commercial Property Flowers

Perennials provide you with the most bloom “bang for your buck,” as they blossom throughout the season.

And if you know what you’re doing (or hire someone who does), you can create a constantly-evolving colorful landscape for you and your occupants to enjoy. Many perennials also multiply each year, which gives you the ability to replant these flowers into other places in the garden. Not only will you get a full season-long effect from spring through fall, planting your perennials in a proper combination will provide a gorgeous backdrop for your commercial property for as long as possible each year.

Not to mention, the most important benefit of perennials is that a one-time purchase pays you back year after year, as these flowers will continue to rebloom each spring over and over.

Comfortable Plant

Commercial Property Perennials

Many flowers are tricky to plant and require planting at precise times for you to get the most out of them. Not so with perennials. Depending on what is more convenient for you, you can plant perennials during either the fall or the spring.


Ready to start including perennials into your landscape but don’t know where to start? For help finding the optimal varieties of perennials for your Wisconsin commercial property, contact an experienced landscaping contractor such as Earth Development. We have years of experience with perennials and all other aspects of commercial landscaping, and we can make your vision come to life. Contact us now to find out how we can help.

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