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Tips for Deep Feeding Your Trees and Shrubs

April 26, 2023
Tips for Deep Feeding Your Trees and Shrubs
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Maintaining a healthy-looking garden is about much more than trimming your bushes and mowing the lawn – it requires knowing how to deep root feed trees, overseed your lawn, and so much more. Remember that trees and shrubs need feeding in exactly the same way your lawn does, and this is particularly important if the soil they live in isn’t naturally rich in nutrients.

So whether your plants are native to the region but aren’t growing to their full potential, or have been imported from a different part of the country are world, it’s important to know how deep fertilization works and how to ensure your plants remain healthy and well-fed.

At Earth Development, we provide summer lawn maintenance and garden care services. Through early spring, late spring, mid-summer, and late summer visits, we ensure weeds are kept under control and soil thoroughly fertilized to ensure your trees and shrubs stay healthy. We take the hassle off your hands, but we also think you should know how it works.

So, let’s take a look at which plants typically require special attention when it comes fertilization, the best time to deep fertilize the soil, and how to do it properly.

What Is Deep Root Feeding, and What Plants Need It?

Feeding Trees and Shrubs

Deep root feeding is a kind of fertilization process that feeds nutrients directly into the roots of a tree or shrub. Instead of simply fertilizing the soil – though this is of course always recommended – deep root feeding uses a large spike to inject nutrients directly into a plant’s root ball.

The process can increase growth in trees by as much as 20% and is particularly good for plants that have been taken out of their natural habitat.

A plant may benefit from deep root fertilization if it fits the following criteria:

  1. It Lives In Compacted Soil

If a plant lives in compacted soil then it means that water and nutrients are less likely to penetrate lower and reach the roots. Standard fertilizer often fertilizes the topsoil but doesn’t reach the roots of trees and shrubs.

  1. The Plant Is Out Of Its Natural Habitat

If a plant has been taken out of its natural habitat where the soil is different, deep root fertilization assists greatly with maintaining healthy growth.

  1. Branches Show Signs Of Stress

If your trees or shrubs are showing signs of poor health or growth stress, it could be a result of root damage. Deep root feeding replenishes the soil and helps struggling roots.

Best Time for Deep Fertilization

How to Feed Trees and Shrubs

The best time to deep root fertilize trees is during the spring. This is when plants are beginning to absorb nutrients from the soil to begin growing, as many plants remain dormant throughout the winter months.

Perform deep fertilization in the spring and your trees and plants will have the nutrients and resources required to improve their health and grow as the days get longer, warmers, and brighter.

It is not wise to perform deep root fertilization during the summer or winter months, so don’t miss out on that springtime window!

How to Deep Feed Trees and Shrubs

Deep Feeding Your Trees

Deep feeding your trees requires certain knowledge and equipment and involves three major steps.

  1. Start by digging narrow holes around a tree with a drain spade, making sure they are spaced well enough apart. The space between each depends on the size of the tree or shrub. Put the soil removed from the holes to one size.
  2. Prepare a slow-release liquid fertilizer that is suitable for the tree or plant you are fertilizing. Inject each hole with fertilizer in the correct quantities, adjusting for size and species of tree or plant.
  3. Refill the holes with soil once injecting the fertilizer.

Trust Local Experts To Do It Right

At Earth Development, we know deep root fertilization inside and out. Our local experts know which fertilizers are right for your trees and soil, and we have the equipment and know how to get the job done right.

Entrust our teams with shrubs and tree care this springtime, and we’ll keep your outdoor space looking beautiful throughout the year.

Call the team today for more information or even a free quote!

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