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What to Expect in Winter 2022-2023 in the Midwestern United States

March 24, 2023
What to Expect in Winter 2022-2023 in the Midwestern United States
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At Earth Development, we don’t just provide the most reliable snow removal services in Midwest states ranging from North Dakota to Ohio, Kansas, and Michigan, we work tirelessly to ensure our clients are informed and know what to expect every winter forecast.

Drawing on Midwest winter predictions by expert meteorologists, we initiate preemptive action to prepare businesses and homes for severe weather conditions in the coming winter months. Every year, we track climate trends, so you can mitigate hazardous weather. To help prepare for the upcoming chilly season, we are sharing the midwest winter predictions 2022-2023 so we are best equipped for the winter chill.

Midwest Winter Forecast 2022-2023 from Farmer’s Almanac

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Last year, the Farmer’s Almanac predicted a typical Midwest weather forecast for winter. But this year, midwesterners can expect a lot of flip-flopping and extreme weather fluctuations. Changes in weather patterns due to La Nina are to blame for extreme fluctuations in winter temperatures.

La Nina is a climate pattern that originates in the Pacific Ocean, impacting weather patterns globally. Usually, La Nina weather patterns happen for a few years, before switching to the La Nino weather pattern. In late January 2022, La Nina began.

This particular weather pattern will impact temperature and precipitation rates in the Upper Midwest for the 2022-2023 season. Midwesterners can expect slightly above-average amounts of snow, with temperature fluctuations meaning a lot of snowmelt. A large winter storm is predicted to occur in mid-February, with the March winter outlook a mixed bag and continued temperature and precipitation fluctuations.

Specifically, 2022-2023 winter forecast developments can be described as “shivery and cold”. For much of the winter forecast for Midwest 2022-2023, as well as parts of the East Coast, we will experience record-breaking cold temperatures, with temperatures being colder than usual across the states. With these freezing temperatures, the winter weather forecast for Midwest states also includes above-average snow totals for most states.

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What Was the Winter 2021-2022 in the Midwest?

Meteorologists predicted for winter 2021-2022 that the Midwest would experience near-normal temperatures, with cold, flaky weather patterns in January and a blizzard later that month. The Midwest was also predicted to experience slightly below average precipitation rates.

What occurred was above-average warmth in December, and slightly below normal temperatures in January and February. There was also a notable lack of snow in the Upper Midwest at this time.

In February, temperatures were below average, and a large storm hit the Upper Midwest, resulting in major disparities in snowfall for the Midwest region as a whole. Farther south experienced above-average precipitation rates.

How to Prepare for the Midwest Winter 2022-2023

The combination of precipitation and melting snow makes outdoor surfaces slippery, posing risks to vehicles and people. The return of La Niña for the second year in a row brings the opportunity for snow to freeze over parking lots, pavements, walkways, and entryways.

This is where Earth Development can help, especially during challenging weather conditions, when snow needs to be urgently removed from critical access points. We deliver up-to-date weather reports and have a team of snow removal experts across Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana, Iowa, and Ohio.

Our insured and qualified team utilizes the latest equipment to remove snow with specialized machinery. We also provide reasonably priced snow removal and deicing plans to ensure you have the tools, and expertise to combat winter weather. At Earth Development, we provide comprehensive outdoor maintenance services, attending to properties before, during, and after winter.

Whether you have a massive tarmac that needs regular cleaning or important entryways that need to be kept safe, we can arrange a plan to suit your budget. Our team is here to keep your family, business, and clients safe.

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