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Who to Call For Drainage Problems on Your Commercial Lawn In Wisconsin?

April 26, 2023
Who to Call For Drainage Problems on Your Commercial Lawn In Wisconsin?
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When a lawn is bogged down with water that has nowhere to go, you might be left wondering who to call for drainage problems in yards or gardens. It’s a nightmare scenario for any commercial property owner trying to maintain an attractive outdoor space, and it’s made worse by the fact that pools of water attract pests like mosquitos and become particularly hazardous during the colder months.

Earth Development, Wisconsin’s leading commercial landscaping specialists, is who to call for yard drainage issues. We have the local teams required to get the job done quickly and to a high standard, and our years of experience in the industry allow us to prevent it from happening again.

We think it’s important for you to be in-the-know about drainage issues, so in this piece, we’ll explore how and when you can deal with these issues yourself and when you should call our team.

When You Can Do It Yourself

Solving drainage problems in your garden is entirely possible if you have the right tools, some knowledge of landscaping and drainage systems, and a little time to get the job done.

Top Most Common Drainage Problems and Fast Solutions

puddle at the summer cottage

Here are a couple of the most common drainage issues people have in their gardens and some quick ways to solve them.

  • Water Pooling

Water pooling often occurs on hard surfaces in your garden, whether that’s a driveway, pavement, or other kinds of the walkway. A solution to this would be relaying paving stones to direct water to a drain or implementing channel drains.

  • Muddy Spots In Your Garden

Muddy spots in your lawn or other parts of the garden indicate water pooling. Unlike on paving stones, it’s harder to implement a drainage channel, but some people find French drains and yard drains to be a reasonably simple fix.

The key to solving any drainage problem is giving the water an easy way to move away from your garden, and while it might be a simple fix in some instances, more often than not, it is slightly more complicated than you think.

That’s where Earth Development and our team of landscaping experts come in!

When to Contact a Drainage Contractor

Drainage between path and lawn

There are lots of reasons you might be left wondering who to call for yard drainage. Sometimes the pooling water is just too far away from your drain, and you may not have the tools and knowledge required to completely reformat your existing drainage to take into account the topography of your garden.

You should absolutely call a drainage and landscaping specialist if the problems are more complex and difficult than you can handle, if you don’t have the tools to perform the fixes properly, and if you’re unaware of what permits may be required to solve the problem.

Sometimes, fixing a drainage issue can be a complicated job, and simple DIY fixes could make the problem worse.

Examples of complex drainage fixes that require the expertise of drainage contractors include:

  • Grading your garden

This is the process of digging up the garden and creating a slope that pushes water to the drain. This is a big project made even more difficult if your outdoor space is large.

drainage from rubble near a stone path.
  • Connecting to local drainage systems

Attempting to hook up your drainage system to the local government’s drain? You may need a permit for that.

  • Underwater drains

Installing new drains may be simple if you have some experience or if your property is small, but in most instances, a drainage contractor will do the job to a high standard while ensuring that your garden looks brand new once the drain is installed underneath the ground.

Wisconsin’s Commercial Lawn Drainage Experts

Earth Development connects Wisconsin businesses with local drainage experts. With years of experience helping businesses large and small, and with passionate local teams ready to assist according to your schedule and budget, we’re the ones who can fix your yard drainage problems.

For a detailed consultation and a quote, call Earth Development today at (920) 406-7501.

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