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Commercial Landscape Services for Apartment Complexes

If you own or manage an apartment complex, rely on our team at Earth Development for hands-on landscaping and snow removal services
Apartment Complexes Landscaping
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What Services Do We Offer?

At Earth Development, we service over 1,000 different businesses throughout the Midwest, including countless apartment complexes. We can help keep your property and its residences safe while also providing them with an aesthetically pleasing exterior.
Commercial Landscape Services for Apartment Complexes

Who We Serve

No apartment complex is too big or too small to benefit from our landscaping and snow removal services.

Examples of clients we work with include:

  • Small, privately owned apartment buildings
  • Large apartment complexes and chains
  • Condos and condo associations

Our team can provide you with guidance on whether or not you can benefit from our services.

Why Choose Our Landscape Services for Apartment Complexes?

With hundreds of happy clients to our name, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond for each job we complete. 

Working with Earth Development means:

  • An assigned account manager ready and willing to oversee your landscaping needs
  • 24/7 access to our team in case you need last-minute services or changes
  • Quality and thorough landscaping services 
  • Straightforward billing
  • The latest landscaping technology
Landscape Services

Our Landscape Services For Apartment Complexes

Our services include:

Here’s Why People Love Us


Our local professionals are loved by clients because we use our eye for detail to predict and prevent future problems.


We are local commercial landscaping experts that have the tools and materials to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful all year round.

Custom Solution

We’ll inspect and prep your property and execute the landscaping solutions that best suit your unique needs.

On your side

Knowledgable and attentive, our customer service staff will work the problem with you. We’re on your team.

One step ahead

Our on-staff meteorologist helps us anticipate important storm developments, so we’re always a step ahead.


We’ll do it right, on time, every time. No cut corners. No hand-holding.


With 20 years in the business, we’ve seen it all and are prepared for anything.


We prioritize the safety of your employees and customers.

Ready To Get Started?

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We proudly serve over 1000 locations throughout the Midwest. Let lawn maintenance be one less thing you to worry about.
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In our 20 years in business, our professional team has managed over 250,000 acres.
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We've been in the lawn care business for over 20 years offering excellent services and customized plans for commercial clients.

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