What Is Included in Landscape Bed Maintenance

Our team does more than just plant new shrubs and flowers – though that is absolutely part of what we offer, too. Earth Development boasts a comprehensive maintenance service through spring, summer, and fall, ensuring flower beds are full of color and have healthy, nutrient-rich soil.

We also offer:

  • Fertilizer Plans

Our experts will analyze your garden and soil, and come up with a fertilizer plan that gives your plants the nutrients they need. With the right soil, your plants will look bigger and brighter.

  • Weed Maintenance

We’ll stay on top of pesky weeds, removing them when they arrive and preventing them from growing again.

  • Reshaping and Edging

Our landscaping professionals can reshape your flower beds and perform edging work to keep them looking near.

  • Shrub and Tree Trimming

With properly fertilized soil, your shrubs and trees will grow bigger than ever! Our team will keep them under control and looking tidy with our trimming services.

  • Mulching

We’ll find the right mulch for your landscaped beds, protecting the soil from pests and erosion.

What Is Included in Landscape Bed Maintenance

Clients say we’re the best landscaping service in the Midwest for lots of reasons, spanning our commitment to quality, timeliness, and professionalism.

  •  Commitment to Quality

From quality service to quality tools and products, we finish every job to the highest of standards and never cut corners.

  • Finding the Right Fertilizer For Your Beds

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to gardening and landscaping, so we’ll always tackle your flower beds on an individual basis. We’ll find the right fertilizer for your soil and plants.

  •  Affordable Seasonal Plans

Our contractors offer a range of seasonal plans and price structures, making flower bed landscaping accessible.

  • Easy Communication

We’ll provide you with a personal point of contact, meaning you’ll always be in touch with your landscaping team. You’ll receive updates every step of the way, keeping you informed of the work being performed.

  • Local Professionals At Your Service

With local teams right around the corner, Earth Development is always ready to help your business.

For all these reasons and more, companies return to Earth Development time and time again for the most comprehensive and affordable landscaping services around!

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We proudly serve over 1000 locations throughout the Midwest. Let lawn maintenance be one less thing you to worry about.

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98% of our clients are so satisfied with our lawn maintenance services, they stick around the next year.

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In our 20 years in business, our team has managed over 250,000 acres.

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We are very happy with how Earth Development has been handling our account. We REALLY like the Sitefotos reports that are being sent to us. It gives us a great idea on how the site is looking and allows for us to look through the photos and decide if we want to go ahead with any of the recommended work. For example trees or bushes that block the line of sight for drivers or pedestrians, bushes/branches hanging into sidewalks, etc. Also, big props for how quickly you respond to issues! With 45 sites not everything is going to be perfect all of the time, but the fact that Earth Development addresses issues immediately when they come up is a huge help. We want to give a huge shout out and Thank You to Earth Development. We appreciate all the improvements you've made, and how good your communications and service has been. Keep up the good work!

Landscaping Beds and Flower Beds FAQs

Let’s take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about our landscaping services!

  • Could you please let me know if you offer your services near me?

    Earth Development has teams of local contractors in regions across Wisconsin, Ohio, Minnesota, Iowa, Indiana, Michigan, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Missouri. You can find a full list of the cities and regions we operate in right here on our website, but if you’re not sure you can always call our team!

    We’re always happy to offer advice and put you in touch with the closest team to you.

  • How often will you service my property with bed maintenance services?

    That depends on how often you need it. We’ll draw up a custom plan to ensure your company property’s garden looks fantastic and your flower beds are kept in good shape.

    We’ll make some recommendations based on your needs, but the frequency of our service is ultimately your decision.

  • What maintenance is required to keep planting beds looking their best?

    Flowers need proper nutrition in the form of fertilized soil. They also need proper pest control, stopping fungus or insects causing damage. We provide all of this, as well as mulching, trimming, and more.

  • Does Earth Development guarantee that my beds will not have weeds in them?

    Unfortunately, since weeds can pop up almost overnight, we can not guarantee that your landscape bed will be totally weed free at all times. If having the best looking, weed free, landscape beds is a priority for you, we can complete bed maintenance more frequently. Most customers sign up to have bed maintenance completed every other week, but we will gladly do this on a weekly basis if you prefer. Having bed maintenance completed on a weekly basis is the best bet to keep weeds under control before they become very noticable. In addition, ensuring that you have adequate mulch or stone in your landscape beds helps to prevent weed growth to begin with.

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