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Professional lawn aerator services

Earth Development offers lawn aeration for commercial clients serving a range of industries from shopping centers to manufacturing facilities.
Lawn aeration service
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Lawn Aeration Service Near Me

Watering and seeding your lawn are essential ways of keeping your grass green and healthy, but lawn aeration is another important process to remember.

Lawn Aeration Service Near Me

So what is a lawn aeration service? Put simply, it’s a process that punctures holes into the grass and soil to help roots absorb nutrients and water.

Lawn Aeration Service Near Me

Benefits of Lawn Aeration

A professional lawn core aerator service is always advised as it requires the use of heavy machinery. We have expert local contractors who know how to use these machines in a way that protects and benefits your lawn.

We recommend lawn aeration because:

  • It promotes new grass growth
  • It encourages healthy and durable grass roots
  • Aeration protects against insects and prevents fungi growth
  • It breaks up dense soil
  • It allows water and air to flow to the grass roots

…and because our experts know how to protect your lawn while using the machine!

Benefits of Lawn Aeration


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    Client’s testimonials

    We are very happy with how Earth Development has been handling our account. We REALLY like the Sitefotos reports that are being sent to us. It gives us a great idea on how the site is looking and allows for us to look through the photos and decide if we want to go ahead with any of the recommended work. For example trees or bushes that block the line of sight for drivers or pedestrians, bushes/branches hanging into sidewalks, etc. Also, big props for how quickly you respond to issues! With 45 sites not everything is going to be perfect all of the time, but the fact that Earth Development addresses issues immediately when they come up is a huge help. We want to give a huge shout out and Thank You to Earth Development. We appreciate all the improvements you've made, and how good your communications and service has been. Keep up the good work!

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    We serve your area

    Promote healthy lawn growth with our lawn aeration service for commercial properties in Minneapolis, MN!

    Make the most of your lawn and keep it looking greener for longer with our lawn aeration service in Milwaukee, MN.

    St. Paul, MN businesses count on Earth Development for lawn aeration services that keep their grass healthy and strong.

    Keep your grass healthy, green, and lush with our lawn aeration service in Madison, WI.

    Keep your lawn healthy and green with the help of a team of lawn aeration experts in Duluth, MN.

    Our lawn maintenance and lawn aeration experts in Oshkosh, WI, ensure your business looks fantastic all year round.

    Ensure your lawn in Carver, MN, is properly maintained with the help of local lawn care and aeration specialists.

    Our Fond Du Lac, WI, lawn maintenance experts offer everything from lawn aeration to fertilizing, mowing, and more.

    Industries We Serve

    At Earth Development, we offer our services to a variety of industries from retail to administrative facilities. Here are some of them but we serve much more!
    Earth Development service for


    With 20 years of experience in professional landscaping to our name, we know what’s required to care for logistics hubs to not only make it look good but to keep it safe.


    Thanks to our teams of expert landscapers and gardeners, we provide businesses large and small with the most comprehensive commercial landscaping and maintenance services.
    Medical building.


    Our timely landscaping services and state-of-the-art equipment make us a go-to resource for keeping medical facilities operational and beautiful.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you offer core aerator services?

    Yes! Core aeration is the process of removing tiny cores of soil to help encourage additional root growth and improve drainage. Once our experts remove that subsurface thatch, your grass will more easily be able to absorb nutrients from the soil.

    When to aerate lawn?

    It’s always best to aerate your lawn while it is growing, either during the spring and fall. If you are only going to do it once a year, then we recommend doing it in the fall. This is because aeration allows more oxygen to get to the roots and will encourage deeper root growth. You will want to do this while the grass is actively growing, so the middle of summer is not the most ideal time to aerate as the lawns are usually dormant or not growing as much.

    How do I know if my lawn needs to be aerated?

    The most obvious sign that your lawn needs aeration is that your soil is compacted, meaning it feels like you are walking on concrete or that it is difficult to dig into your lawn. You may also notice patches or generally unhealthy-looking blades of grass.

    Could you please let me know if you offer your services near me?

    Earth Development delivers local landscaping services in regions across Michigan, Missouri, South Dakota, North Dakota, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin. You can check out the full lost regions we serve right here on our website or give us a call if you’re not sure!