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Earth Development is Kenosha, Wisconsin's ultimate provider of commercial landscape contractors. From lawn and shrub care to all kinds of hard landscaping, we help businesses throughout your area maintain their professional image with amazing outdoor spaces.

Our teams of trusted local contractors work with you to ensure you get precisely the lawn services you need and at a price you can afford. Our landscaping company will perform a consultation before we get started and build a regular, scheduled maintenance plan that works for you and your team, with commercial services ranging from maintaining flower beds to tree planting, and more.

Our Commercial Landscaping Services

lawn care kenosha

With years of expertise in landscaping, Kenosha residents count on us for a variety of needs. From commercial properties to residential homes, our commercial lawn care in Kenosha, WI includes all the services you need for a pristine lawn. Here's what we offer.

  • Lawn Care Services

    For all your essential lawn care, Kenosha property owners turn to us. With keen attention to detail and the finest tools, we will handle everything from lawn mowing, to garden maintenance as part of our lawn care amenities.
  • Landscape Bed Maintenance

    For stunning Kenosha landscaping designs and a beautiful curb appeal, it's all about your landscape bed maintenance. With our services, we will equip your beds with seasonal flowers and plants, elevating your walkways for a beautiful finish.
  • Landscape Construction

    If you're looking to completely rehab your landscape, our landscapers in Kenosha can handle the job. Starting from the ground up, we will construct your landscape, creating a landscape design and bringing it to life with fairly priced services.
  • Landscape Renovation

    For a fresh facelift for your landscape design, our Kenosha landscapers will renovate your property, breathing new life into your space. From a fresh design to a curated back and front yard, we will elevate your property in a cinch.
  • Lawn Aeration Service

    Lawn aeration is essential to maintaining the health of your property. With core aeration, we create tiny holes across your lawn, allowing your soil to get the hydration and nutrients it needs. With this, you will have a more lush yard and grass through the seasons.
  • Lawn Clean Up

    No matter what, our Kenosha landscaping team will leave your property in pristine condition. As part of this, we handle all removal of debris and materials, cleaning up your lawn as part of our lawn services.
  • Lawn Dethatching Service

    To further promote the health of your grass, our locally-owned Kenosha lawn care services include lawn dethatching. With this process, we will remove debris from between your blades of grass to promote a healthier lawn.
  • Lawn Fertilizer Services

    Not sure when to use fertilizer or which is best for your yard work? We've got you covered. From the ideal type of fertilizer for your lawn to the frequency at which to lay it, our team of experts will handle the process for you.
  • Lawn Weed Control Services

    Included in our lawn care, Kenosha WI residents can turn to us for all weed control needs. As part of this lawn care service, we use high-quality products to rid your lawn of weeds, without harming your grass in the process.
  • Parking Lot Sweeping

    Our lawn service includes the maintenance of your entire property, including the parking lot. As part of this, to ensure the safety and security of your space, we will handle all parking lot sweeping and snow removal for a safer space.
  • Tree Care Pruning Services

    For landscaping, Kenosha WI turns to our team for all tree trimming and pruning needs. The year-round maintenance of your trees is essential to safety and will ensure your property is safe for all those passing by.
  • Integrated Pest Management

    The best lawn care services include pest management, and at Earth Development, we are the team for the job. With this essential maintenance, we will help ensure we keep all pests, fungi, and other lawn-harming elements away from your property.

Commercial Lawn Care Facts in Kenosha

With beautiful landscapes and a rich community, there's a lot to enjoy in Kenosha, WI. However, to maintain this beautiful terrain, landscaping in Kenosha WI is essential. This does require special expertise, however, and that's where Earth Development comes in!

  • The Most Common Grass Types in Kenosha: Kentucky bluegrass, tall fescue, perennial ryegrass, and fine fescue.
  • Common Lawn Pests in Kenosha: White grubs are most common in Kenosha.
  • Common Lawn Diseases in Kenosha: Summer patch, necrotic ring, dollar spot, and brown patch.
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Why Our Clients Say that We Are the Best Commercial Landscaper in Kenosha

We are Kenosha's trusted local commercial landscaping firm, with clients large and small counting on us for all their commercial landscaping needs. With local experts ready when you need them and great prices, it's no wonder our clients keep coming back! Clients depend on our:

  • Transparent pricing
  • Local and trusted team of experts
  • Proven track record
  • Eye for detail
  • Fantastic communication
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Industries We Serve

At Earth Development, we offer our services to a variety of industries from retail to administrative facilities. Here are some of them, but we serve much more!
Logistics - Kenosha


Logistical hubs require pristine maintenance and lawn care to ensure a well-running business, and Earth Development knows just how it's done. As part of our services in Kenosha, we will help handle everything from design to maintenance of your logistics property.

Retail - Kenosha


One of the main elements that draws new shoppers to your retail space is the outdoor exterior. From a well-kept front yard to ensure your store looks cared for, to flower beds and more, we can do a number of tasks and other services to enhance your retail space.

Healthcare - Kenosha


Our healthcare facilities offer some of the most important services in Kenosha WI, and at Earth Development, we know how to boost the landscape for a safe, accessible landscape.

Client’s testimonials

They did an excellent job weeding the flower beds, our blue hydrangea has never looked so pretty! The lawn care, is also top notch. everything was evenly cut, trash picked up, and everything cleaned up and trimmings removed every time.
Heidi Butz

Neighborhoods We Service in Kenosha, WI

No matter where you're located in Wisconsin, our lawn service is here to help. Servicing across the Midwest, from Pleasant Prairie to Union Grove, our team has you covered in:

  • Stationside Village
  • Anderson Park
  • Wilson
  • Poerio Park
  • Leona'S Rolling Meadows
  • Strawberry Creek
  • North Ktown
  • Uptown
  • Avalon Park
  • Somers Rd
  • North Sheridan
  • Hwy C And Mb Folks
  • Stonecreek / Walnut Grove
  • Johnson Highland Park
  • Washington Rd
  • Most everywhere else…

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