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Ensure your commercial property's outdoor space is safe, clean, and functional with expert commercial landscapers from Earth Development.

With more than 20 years of experience, we know just how important it is to ensure your parking lot is clean and safe for customers, that your garden is well-kept and maintained, and your lawn is lush and green.

Using professional tools and materials, we'll ensure your business always looks great, your lawn is prepared for every season, and your garden looks welcoming at all times.

Our Commercial Landscaping Services

lawn care owatonna mn

From lawn maintenance to adding an irrigation system, boosting curb appeal, and ice management services, our landscaping professionals are proud to offer a number of lawn care services in Owatonna.

  • Lawn Care Services

    For everyday commercial lawn care, Earth Development is the team for the job. As one of the leading lawn care companies, we are proud to help maintain your beautiful lawn with expertise.
  • Landscape Bed Maintenance

    As part of our premium landscaping, Owatonna property owners rely on us for all landscape bed maintenance. As part of this landscape maintenance, we keep your beds beautiful and lush through the seasons with our knowledge of what plants thrive most in the various seasons and elements.
  • Landscape Construction

    At Earth Development, we are proud to offer landscaping construction services for any commercial property. Building your landscape from the ground up, we will help design your space, place retaining walls and water features, and maintain your space for years to come.
  • Landscape Renovation

    For an upgrade of your commercial landscape, our team offers renovation services to elevate your landscape design in a cinch. Our team will transform your lawns, bringing your vision to life.
  • Lawn Aeration Service

    Essential to commercial lawn care, lawn aeration is the process of creating tiny holes across your soil to allow more water and nutrients to absorb. This will help promote a lush, green lawn that every commercial lawn care service provider hopes to achieve.
  • Lawn Clean Up

    No matter the extent of the job, our team is proud to offer pristine lawn cleanup. From removing leaves to fallen branches, we will ensure our service leaves your yard looking clean and ready for business.
  • Lawn Dethatching Service

    An essential lawn care service that helps remove dead debris from between each blade of grass, lawn dethatching is often considered a particularly tedious process. With this in mind, skip the hard work and contact Earth Development to dethatch your lawn for healthy grass.
  • Lawn Fertilizer Services

    From when to lay fertilizer to the best type to use for your lawns, our crew at Earth Development will use our expertise to schedule the ideal fertilizer services, ensuring a lush lawn.
  • Lawn Weed Control Services

    No more weeds in your yard! To enhance your lawns, we provide expert weed control services, reducing the number of weeds that grow in your lawn and preventing more from sprouting up.
  • Parking Lot Sweeping

    As part of our regular maintenance of your property, we offer parking lot sweeping. From sweeping throughout all seasons to snow removal in the winter, we ensure your lot remains clear and safe.
  • Tree Care Pruning Services

    To ensure a safe property, we offer tree pruning and trimming. With this service, we help ensure your trees are healthy and safe, keeping passersby from coming into harm's way with a falling branch.
  • Integrated Pest Management

    From bugs to fungi, our team knows it all. To prevent your lawns from falling victim, we will use the best practices and tools to keep pests at bay for a healthy lawn.
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Why Clients Say We're the Best Professional Commercial Landscaper In Owatonna

Earth Development builds custom maintenance and landscaping plans around your company's budget. We work with you to understand what commercial landscaping services you need and how we can best keep your outdoor property – whether that's a lawn or a parking lot – clean, safe, and properly maintained.

Clients count on our dependable, friendly, and experienced team…and we'd love to help you too! For more information, call Earth Development today at 920-406-7501

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Industries We Serve

From logistics hubs to healthcare facilities, our local business is proud to partner with many industries for all their hardscaping and landscaping needs. Here are some of the customers we have worked with in the past.
Logistics - Owatonna, Minnesota, Landscaping


Logistical hubs require fine-tuned operations and clean environments. With this in mind, our team designs and maintains the landscape around these facilities for smooth operations.

Retail - Owatonna, Minnesota, Landscaping


The exterior of your store makes a big first impression, and we know just how to help. From removing snow to maintaining your flower beds, contact our crew to keep your retail location looking welcoming.

Healthcare - Owatonna, Minnesota, Landscaping


With essential workers and important treatments taking place, it's crucial that healthcare facilities are safe and accessible. Our team knows just how to enhance this type of commercial lawn, ensuring a safe environment for all.

Client’s testimonials

They did an excellent job weeding the flower beds, our blue hydrangea has never looked so pretty! The lawn care, is also top notch. everything was evenly cut, trash picked up, and everything cleaned up and trimmings removed every time.
Heidi Butz

Neighborhoods We Service in Owatonna, MN

As a locally owned commercial lawn care business, we are proud to provide regular maintenance to several areas, including: 

  • City Center Neighborhood
  • Division St W / 4th St NW Neighborhood
  • Lyndale Ave N / 7th St NW Neighborhood
  • Albers Ave / 17th St SW Neighborhood
  • Hope / Lemond Neighborhood
  • Truman Ave / 18th St SE Neighborhood
  • Rose St / NE 34th Ave Neighborhood
  • Cedar Ave / 26th St NW Neighborhood
  • City Center Neighborhood
  • S Oak Ave / S Cedar Ave Neighborhood

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