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Best Choice For Commercial Landscaping: Mulch vs Rocks Comparison

April 26, 2023
Best Choice For Commercial Landscaping: Mulch vs Rocks Comparison
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A business property with a garden always looks inviting for clients and customers, but it requires plenty of upkeep! For those who choose to maintain trees, shrubs, lawns, and plants, there’s the difficult choice to make between mulch and rocks.

Rocks and mulch not only perform an important function of protecting your soil and plants, but they also transform how your garden looks. At Earth Development, our team of local landscaping specialists source fantastic quality rocks and mulch, and create attractive outdoor spaces that we know you’ll love.

But if you haven’t decided which option is best for you yet, this simple guide might just help you.

Pros of Mulch

Pros of Mulch

Mulch, which is an organic material that sits on top of your soil, offers several benefits. These include:

  • Reducing erosion and compaction of soil, keeping your flower beds neat and shrubs protected.
  • Holding in water, meaning your plants require less watering.
  • Increasing growth of plants and trees by protecting nutrients.
  • Maintaining the right temperature for plants all year round.

Cons of Mulch

Cons of Mulch

There are, however, some cons to be conscious of. These include:

  • Adding too much mulch can cause mechanical stress on plants and inhibit their growth – so you must get the quantity right.
  • Applying mulch too late doesn’t stop weed growth, but may even help them grow.
  • Applying mulch too early could cause plants to bloom later than usual.
  • Annual replacement is required to ensure your soil remains protected and there is a minimized risk of fungi growth.
  • Some mulch contains seeds, which can impact your garden ecosystem.

Rocks Advantages

Rocks Advantages

Rocks are a common alternative to mulch, providing some of the same benefits, but a range of unique advantages and disadvantages at the same time.

The most notable advantages are:

  • Rocks barely ever need to be replaced, making them a great long-term investment and less expensive than mulch.
  • Rocks are less susceptible to environmental damage, meaning they more easily tolerate extreme weather.
  • Strong winds can’t blow rocks away.
  • Rocks make it harder for weeds to grow.
  • Depending on the rocks you choose, they look great. You may also choose rocks that suit your garden’s theme.

Rocks Disadvantages

Rocks Disadvantages

Rocks also come with some disadvantages, including:

  • While rocks can withstand extreme weather, hot summers cause rocks to heat up and, in turn, raise the temperature of your soil. This causes damage to plants and means more watering is required.
  • If soil gets caught between the rocks, weeds may grow from there.
  • Rocks are harder to replace than mulch, should you decide to replace them.
  • Rocks don’t provide additional nutrition to the soil as mulch does.


Still not sure which option is right for you? Don’t fret.

Earth Development’s team of local commercial landscaping professionals can source all kinds of rocks and mulch at fantastic prices, and we’ll even help you decide which option is best for your garden and plants.

For a free quote and a detailed consultation about your business property’s garden, call Earth Development today!

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