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Four Myths (and Realities!) About Snow and Ice Removal

June 2, 2022
Four Myths (and Realities!) About Snow and Ice Removal
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When it comes to snow and ice removal, there are lots of myths that you’ll probably hear every year. That’s particularly true in states like Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Indiana, where the winters get cold and ice causes chaos.

At Earth Development Inc., we’ve heard every myth out there – and we can debunk them all! With our years of experience providing high-quality and reliable snow removal and deicing services, we know what it takes to get the job done properly, and we’re here to help you ensure your property is safe to drive and walk on even during the winter months.

Let’s take a look at four of the most common myths…and realities.

First Myth: “Shovels Aren’t Necessary, Chemical Deicer Does All the Work!”

Chemical deicer is hugely effective. That’s one of the reasons why we source the highest quality deicing chemicals and apply it in a way that prevents and treats ice quickly. But that doesn’t mean shovels aren’t necessary.

It’s important to remember that deicers only work at specific temperatures and that sometimes snow needs to be removed to stop excess water developing and later re-freezing. Deicers are also best used as a preventative measure, helping stop future freezing. So a shovel can, in fact, come in handy when using deicer.

Myths about Snow and Ice Removal

Second Myth: “You Can Never Use Too Much Deicer”

You absolutely can use too much deicer. Whether you’re applying it yourself or our Earth Development team is out treating your property, it’s always important to remember that too much deicer can cause a slushy, goopy mess. It’s always best to treat surfaces before the ice forms, rather than splashing large quantities of deicer on existing snow and ice.

Our team will never do that, and we know how to safely deice a surface even after snowfall and if you haven’t taken preventative measures.

Third Myth: “Using Hot Water Is Better for the Environment”

How water might seem like it’s better for the environment, but the fact it won’t always be hot just means that you’ll end up needing more chemical treatment in the future. Once the hot water freezes, you’ll end up with more ice and an even more slippery and dangerous surface than before.

So before pouring hot water over ice, think again, and call the team at Earth Development. We use high-quality chemical deicer and apply it in a safe and efficient way. We don’t use too much, only the perfect amount for your property, and you can count on us to finish the job to the safest and highest standard possible every time.

Snow and Ice Removal Myths

Fourth Myth: “Night is the Best Time to Remove Snow and Ice from a Parking Lot”

You might have heard that the optimal time to deice a parking lot or to remove snow from a parking lot, is at night. It seems to make sense, too – if the parking lot is empty then it’s easier to prepare for the following day, right?


Snow should be removed right after it falls. The sooner you remove the snow the less chance there is of it being compacted and becoming solid, hard ice. The sooner snow can be removed the better – and in terms of ice, it’s always important to take preventative measures to reduce the chance of your parking lot freezing over in the first place.

Save Resources and Get Deicing Done Right with Earth Development

Save your resources and ensure your parking lot and outdoor paving is safe to use for your customers, clients, and employees by entrusting Earth Development experts for all your deicing needs.

Removing snow and ice to a professional and safe standard is difficult and time-consuming, but with proper and regular maintenance you can ensure that your roads, paving, and car parks are safe to use even after snowfall. For more information or a discussion with one of our team members, or even to get a free quote, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Earth Development today!

You can reach us right now online, or give us a call at (866) 576-7817.

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