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How to Stop Weed From Growing in Mulch Beds - TOP 3 Ways

April 26, 2023
How to Stop Weed From Growing in Mulch Beds - TOP 3 Ways
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It’s all about first impressions, and that’s exactly what the landscape of your property provides.

The right landscaping can greatly enhance both homes and commercial properties, creating an aesthetic for your property before anyone even steps inside. And what helps support great landscaping? Mulch.

While this tried-and-true landscaping material can do wonders for your property and can often suppress weeds, you also may notice weeds in mulch that end up being a major eyesore, and we certainly don’t want that. Wondering how to keep weeds out of my mulch? From how to prevent weeds in mulch beds, to the easiest way to get rid of weeds in mulch, we can help both rid and prevent further weed outbreaks in your lawn.

If you’ve already set your mulch in place on your property and have noticed weeds, we attribute this to a few different factors. These include low-quality mulch, a bed that’s too thin, or that your mulch is old. No matter the reason, removing weeds from mulch beds is essential to ensuring the health of your landscape.

Tired of hand-pulling at pesky weeds? This is a time-consuming, ineffective task. If you’re still noticing weeds, even after mulching, don’t panic just yet. Our team at Earth Development is here to share how to stop weeds from growing in mulch.

Get Rid of Weeds in Mulch Beds

mulch bed

One of the most obvious ways to eliminate this eyesore? Get rid of it!

Okay, it’s easier said than done. When it comes to how to stop weeds in mulch beds, it’s first important to recognize that this can be a really hard task. No, you won’t be able to stop weeds in mulch beds immediately - it does take some time and effort. There’s really no way to get rid of weeds forever, but there are some best practices that can work at getting weeds out of mulch whenever they may arise.

No matter the reason that weeds have emerged in your mulch, you’ll want to start handling the issue immediately. This can start by hand-pulling out any weeds you see exposed in your mulch. However, if this is proving tricky or more and more weeds keep emerging, there’s an even more effective method.

The best way to kill weeds in mulch beds is with an herbicide or weed killer. To really effectively tackle how to get rid of weeds in mulch beds, this weed killer should contain glyphosate.

Plus, when it comes to what to put under mulch to prevent weeds, we recommend a granular pre-emergent product that you apply to the bed of mulch. Pre-emergent will keep further weeds from growing, aiding in maintaining a pristine landscape. This can easily be found at a local garden store!

As we said before, weeds can be a pretty recurring issue, so you’ll want to maintain a regular schedule of weed control products through all the seasons. We know, figuring out how to kill weeds in mulch sounds tedious, but by rotating pre-emergent products and weed killers, you can keep your mulch virtually weed-free, preventing the seeds of the weeds from germinating.

By knowing what to put under mulch to stop weeds, as well as the quick formulas to use to kill them when they sprout, you can keep your lawn pristine.

Only High Quality Mulch

Our second tip is to use high-quality mulch.

high-quality mulch

One of the primary purposes of mulch is to actually prevent these weeds from forming, so if you’re noticing weeds, you’re likely using a low-quality, cheap mulch. What qualifies as low-quality mulch? Blends that are made with straw, leaves, or grass clippings instead of wood chips, sawdust, and bark nuggets are typically on the cheaper end, and won’t do as great of a job to control your sprouting weeds.

The most simple, best way to control weeds in mulch is to splurge on the high-quality product. This typically entails a mulch made with bigger chunks and materials. This key tactic does wonders to address how to prevent weeds from growing in mulch in the first place, although it may just cost you a little extra money. However, this will save you time and money in the long run. Totally worth it!

Landscaping Fabric to Help

Our third and final tip for how to keep weeds out of mulch is with landscaping fabric

high-quality mulch

By using landscaping fabric when you plant your bed, you can do wonders to prevent weeds. This thin textile can easily be found at a garden store and works to prevent weeds from growing. How? By blocking sunlight from reaching them! This simple solution is truly the best way to keep weeds from growing in mulch in the first place.

To use landscape fabric, simply cut the fabric to the size of the planted trees, bushes, or shrubs before you start mulching. Then, place the fabric and spread mulch over until it’s completely covered. The result? This simple step can actually work to prevent weeds for nearly 5 years, especially when using high-quality fabric.


Constant weeds popping up in your garden and across your landscape can be a tiresome headache that leaves you frustrated, but don’t give up yet! With our three steps, you will not only have the perfect solution for how to remove weeds from mulch beds but actually prevent those weeds from emerging at all.

Not ready to tackle the job of eliminating weeds in your mulch beds on your own? No problem. For comprehensive flower bed maintenance services, our team at Earth Development can handle the task for you. Earth Development specialists have extensive experience in weed control and can work wonders to keep your landscape pristine. Call us at 920-406-7501 to quickly get rid of the weeds on your commercial property today.

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