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Lawn Aeration and Overseeding vs. Slice Seeding

April 26, 2023
Lawn Aeration and Overseeding vs. Slice Seeding
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Have you noticed dead grass or patches of lawn where your grass isn’t growing at all? Don’t worry! Earth Development offers expert lawn services to ensure that your grass is green and healthy. They use a variety of methods to achieve beautiful results, including lawn aeration, overseeding, slice or slit seeding, and more. But what is lawn aeration and overseeding? What is slice seeding? Below we’ll give you a clear picture of what these lawn care methods are and how they work.

What Is Slice Seeding?

The first question to ask ourselves is “what is slit seeding?” Slit, or slice, seeding uses a steel-bladed machine to create slices in your lawn called furrows. Next, the machine places seeds for grass into these furrows in your soil. Unlike simply spreading the grass seeds out like with overseeding, slice seeding ensures that the seeds go directly into the soil, and the grass will grow better. This machine is precise, accurate, and efficient, slicing and distributing the seed evenly and at the correct depth for maximum results. Also, the splicing can be adjusted based on the type of seed and lawn.

What Is Aeration?

What Is Lawn Aeration

What is lawn aeration? The lawn aeration definition is simple: holes! Due to weather, foot traffic, and a number of other factors, the soil under grass can become tough and compacted, causing stunted growth of the grass. Aeration allows more oxygen, water, and nutrients to reach the soil and grassroots and absorb properly. Aeration lets your garden “breathe.” Otherwise, the grass will become weak and more likely to fall victim to weeds and disease.

The process involves making small holes in the grass deep enough to allow water (from your sprinkles or from the sky) and nutrients to penetrate the soil and roots. This might also result in deeper grassroots, giving your grass some added strength for the coming winter months and any fluctuating climate conditions.

Overall, and especially when followed by overseeding, aeration gives your lawn a much-needed boost. With aeration, your lawn will be lush, green, and beautiful, as well as durable.

What Is Overseeding?

Over time, grass and soil become damaged with heat, lack of water, and heavy foot traffic. Overseeding can be the best solution. So, what is overseeding and what does overseeding mean? It’s the process of planting grass seeds directly into the lawn. Overseeding can help revive grass, fill in patches where there is no grass, and improve the entire lawn overall, without ruining the soil.

The best time to do this is in the fall when the ground is warm but the air is cool and can produce good roots. It is often done following slice seeding or aeration.

Aeration And Overseeding

Aeration And Overseeding Lawn

Lawn aeration and overseeding often go hand in hand. Generally, overseeding is done after aeration because the holes that are made for aeration are the best place to put the grass seed. If the soil isn’t doing well and needs something extra, compost is often used to add nutrients to the soil.

When to Slit Seed Or Aerate

Lawn aeration and seeding are most effective when done in the fall because they require warm soil, cool weather, and moisture in the air. It’s also when weeds are weakening, allowing an improved germination rate for the grass seeds. During this cool season, grass will take root quickly and you’ll achieve the best results from slice seeding or aeration.


Knowing exactly what your lawn needs is the first step in choosing which method to use for seed planting and lawn care. Aeration, followed by overseeding, can help solve the deeper issue of soil health because while you might have a full lawn of grass, that doesn’t mean your soil won’t benefit from added water and nutrients. On the other hand, slice seeding will ensure the most thorough grass growth for your lawn, so you can fill in bald patches quickly.

If you want a healthy, lush lawn, consider leaving it to the professionals. Earth Development can help make your lawn beautiful — and keep it that way! Contact us today for a consultation or quote or just call us at (866) 475-2807.

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