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Should You Aerate Your Lawn in the Summer In Ohio?

April 26, 2023
Should You Aerate Your Lawn in the Summer In Ohio?
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Lawn aeration is an important step for improving the health of your grass, but Ohio property owners often ask…what is the best time to aerate your lawn in Ohio?

At Earth Development, we have teams of local experts throughout the state, ready and available to help you keep your lawn healthy and green all year round. We also believe in arming all our clients (and potential clients!) with important information about lawn health, including answers to the question “can you aerate in the summer?”

In this piece, we’ll take a look at the lawn aeration process, when should you aerate your grass, and why this is such an important service we provide for our residential and commercial clients.

Lawn Aeration Process

Lawn Aeration Process

Lawn aeration is a process that removes lawn thatch – the dead grass and other organic material that builds up between living grass and the soil – and pokes holes in the ground throughout the lawn to ensure water and air reach deep into the surface.

Dethatching requires a thorough raking which will pull away dead leaves and organic material that will, over time, decompose.

After the thatch is removed, a lawn maintenance professional then pokes holes throughout the soil in a process known as “spiking.” For most lawns, spiking is a great way to maintain the general health of the grass, however, some lawns require a more specialist process known as core aeration.

Core aeration uses a machine that pulls cores of soil out of the ground, creating a wide channel into the ground that allows nutrients, water, and oxygen to penetrate deep into the ground and into the roots of your grass.

Once a lawn is aerated, it can be fed with and watered as normal. The process is best done by professionals to ensure that grass is not damaged in the dethatching process, that the soil isn’t too compacted, and so an assessment can be made as to whether core aeration is also required.

Is Lawn Aeration Necessary?

Is Lawn Aeration Necessary

Lawn aeration isn’t technically necessary, but without it, your lawn will likely begin to look tired, patchy, and unhealthy.

It’s easy to assume that the soil beneath your lawn is dense and packed, but in reality, there are long networks of small tunnels and oxygen pockets within the soil that ensure the ground can breathe, that nutrients can pass through the soil, and that roots can gain access to those important nutrients.

Fertilizing a lawn that is not properly oxygenated and aerated means that the nutrients will stay on top of the soil where the grass cannot benefit from them.

The raking and dethatching process are super important, too. The decomposing organic material sitting on top of your lawn might technically be good for the soil in the long run, but in the short term, it will deny your grass access to water and oxygen. It’s also a perfect breeding ground for pests and fungi.

Lawn aeration is conducive to a healthy, green, and resilient lawn…and we think it’s a really important part of keeping your garden or outdoor commercial space looking clean and healthy!

But when should you aerate your yard?

What Is The Best Time To Aerate Your Grass?

Aerate Your Grass

Many people assume that you should aerate lawns in summer time, and while it won’t actually hurt, it’s not the best time of year. We always answer the question “when should you aerate your lawn?” by telling our customers to focus on the early fall time. Specifically, we say that the ideal time to aerate lawns is in September and October before the weather gets too cold and the ground starts to freeze.

This is a part of the lawn renovation process. It ensures that the soil is prepared for the winter, and as soon as the warmer months come along, the grass has everything it needs to begin growing.

Aerating the lawn in the springtime after the ground is no longer frozen means you’ve missed out on several months where the soil could have been absorbing nutrients and oxygen, resulting in your grass plants playing catch up throughout the summer.

Leave Aeration, Fertilizing, and Lawn Renovation to Your Local Experts

Earth Development knows the ideal time to aerate lawns. We also know the best tools to ensure it is done properly without causing damage to your grass, we know all the common signs of pest infestations and other damage, and we can take sensible, planned, and effective steps to revive your lawn.

Our local Ohio lawn maintenance experts can help you with any questions you have about lawn aeration and maintenance. Call today at (920) 406-7501 for more information!

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