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Spring Lawn Preparation: Getting Ready for Outdoor Entertaining

June 2, 2022
Spring Lawn Preparation: Getting Ready for Outdoor Entertaining
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Getting your lawn ready for spring is a rewarding experience, giving you a chance to reconnect with your garden or yard after a long winter and an opportunity to envision what your outdoor space could look like by summertime.

It also means your garden will be ready for entertaining guests as soon as the warmer weather comes around!

But to prepare a yard for spring, there are some important concepts that you should be familiar with, and Earth Development is here to give you the best tips on the Internet!

How to Prepare Your Yard for Spring

How to Prepare Your Yard for Spring

Here are some key things to remember during your spring lawn preparation.

Dethatching and Removing Dead Plants

During the winter, your lawn may have gathered dead twigs and leaves. Across the grass, you may see dead organic matter that needs to be removed, there may be dead plants that certainly won’t be waking up for the spring, and your lawn will likely need a good dethatching.

Using a rake (and some gloves!), be sure to remove the dead organic matter and thatch from your lawn so that the soil is exposed and ready for fertilizer and water.

Pick up all the dead leaves and twigs, and you’re off to a good start.

Nourish and Fertilize the Ground

The next step is nourishing and fertilizing the ground. As you enter the spring period, your lawn and plants will begin preparing for growth – and without nutrients, they simply won’t be able to do it.

To give your lawn and plants the best chance of growing strong and healthy for the spring and summer months, use a high-quality fertilizer on the ground.

Trim Bushes and Trees

The best time to trim your bushes and trees is right before growing season! Be sure to get rid of dead buds and trim them back in a way that allows you to better control their growing shape.

You don’t need to trim your bushes, but it does mean that new branches are likely to form, and the plants will form more complex and less aesthetically pleasing shapes.

Apply Weed Killer

Use a combination of pre-emergent and fertilizer just before the spring, and you’ll prevent crabgrass and weeds while also ensuring the best possible grass growth.

Follow that up with a more broad weed killer around six weeks or two months later while also taking good care of the lawn. That means mowing!

Get Mowing!

To ensure a thicker and fuller lawn, get the mower out roughly every five days during the first six weeks of the springtime – assuming you get consistent growth. Waiting any longer risks letting the grass grow too high, which means you’re stunting the roots of the grass when you mow. That stops the grass from reproducing properly.

When to Start Preparing Your Yard for Spring?

When Prepare Yard for Spring

If you’re expecting to host guests in your garden this spring, then it’s never really too early to start preparing your yard for spring…unless it’s still snowing, that is!

You should always be mindful of the cues that nature gives you, so as soon as the weather gets a little less cold and as soon as the snow disappears, you’ll know that it’s time to get out and start preparing your lawn and plants for the growing seasons.

Remember that to ensure your garden has an opportunity to grow healthily, you’ll need to ensure that everything is in order as soon as the weather gets warm and plants start blooming.

If you’re planning on entertaining in early spring, that might mean heading out to dethatch and prepare the lawn, trimming back bushes, and applying fertilizer at the very end of the winter months – perhaps in mid-March.

What Do I Need for My Spring Party?

What Do I Need for My Spring Party

A party is a good reason to prepare a yard for spring, but there are some important things you’ll need for your yard to make it a good place to host a party!

For your lawn, consider some good quality lighting. Solar-powered lights are a great way to line the lawn, create pathways, and create light in your yard once the sun starts to go down.

On your paved spaces, consider a shelter of some kind. Whether it’s an awning or a canopy, or even an umbrella, it all provides protection from the rain when it comes and from the sunshine during the warmer summer months.

You’ll need some functional things, too. There are even custom-built outdoor bars you can incorporate into your outdoor space to create a fantastic hosting environment. And when combined with a well-kept lawn, perfectly pruned plants and trees, and perfectly designed hardscaping features, you’ll create an amazing party ambiance.

Take good care of your garden, and you’ll not just have a space that looks good, but somewhere that you, your family, and your friends can actively enjoy.

Need Help Preparing Your Lawn for Spring? Call the Experts!

Earth Development has years of experience working with commercial and residential clients across the Midwest, creating entirely new yard designs and maintaining existing outdoor spaces.

Whether you simply need help getting your lawn and plants ready for the springtime, or you’re interested in an entirely new landscape design, Earth Development has a local team of landscapers ready to help.

We know what it takes to properly prepare a lawn and ensure thick, green growth, and how to ensure your plants are properly nourished and ready to grow.

For more information and a free quote, why not give us a call? You can reach the team today at (920) 406-7501!

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