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Snow and ice management planning

We offer snow and ice management services and provide constant monitoring of commercial properties in tough winter conditions to ensure weather interruptions don't impact businesses.
Snow and ice management planning
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Snow and Ice Management Company Near You

Running a business or commercial property in an area with tough winter conditions can be difficult, and it’s absolutely essential to have a proper snow and ice management plan. This includes snow management and preparation including pre-storm planning, and commercial winter weather services such as snow plowing, deicing, risk management to prevent slip and fall situations, sidewalk clearing, and snow stacking, hauling and melting.

Snow and Ice Management Company Near You

At Earth Development Inc., our commercial snow and ice management services are second to none. Our experienced team of snow and ice management experts will work with you to survey your commercial property and develop a safe, efficient, and effective plan to mitigate any and all weather events during the harsh winter months.

With Earth Development Inc. in your corner to provide you with snow and ice management, you’ll be able to minimize the impact of inclement weather on your business, keep your facilities running, and keep your employees and customers safe.

Snow and Ice Management for Commercial Clients Provided by Experts

Earth Development Inc has been in the commercial snow and ice management business for over 20 years. We serve commercial clients in Wisconsin, Ohio, Minnesota, Iowa, and Indiana with snow and ice management, commercial snow plowing, and emergency snow removal. Our large team of experts (over 500 units in our fleet) has a 98% customer retention rate, year after year. We leverage our expertise with extreme care to ensure our clients’ commercial facilities don’t lose business to bad weather, no matter what the conditions. In fact, we’ve saved our clients over one billion in revenue to date.

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Commercial Snow Removal In Numbers

With over 500 units in our fleet, we’re prepared for every caliber of storm when our competitors are not.
98% of our clients are so satisfied with our lawn maintenance services, as well as snow and ice management, they stick around the next year.
In our 20 years in business, our professional team has managed over 250,000 acres.
Our clients don’t lose business to bad weather. To date, we’ve saved them over one billion in revenue.
of experience
We've been in the business for over 20 years offering excellent services and customized plans for commercial clients.

Client’s testimonials

I have been working with Earth Development for nearly 4 years. During this time they have always been a Great company to do business with. Loyal, honest, pay on time, open communication..... They've been a blessing to partner with!
David Medina
We are very happy with how you have been handling your snow removal job. We REALLY like the Sitefotos reports that are being sent to us. It gives a great idea on how the site is looking and allows to look through the photos and decide if we want to go ahead with any of the recommended work. And thanks for quick responses to issues! Addressing them immediately when they come up is a huge help.
CVS Pharmacy

Our Snow Removal Services

Industries We Serve

At Earth Development, we offer our services to a variety of industries from retail to administrative facilities. Here are some of them but we serve much more!


Logistics requires precise management and a tight schedule. Don’t let harsh winter conditions ruin your productivity - hire a professional snow and ice removal company! Contact us for quotes and details.


Keep your customer service on the highest quality level even in the snowiest weather! We know exactly how to manage any kind of icing and snowfall, no matter the size of your business!
Medical building.


Saving lives is the highest priority job. Winter storms and heavy snowfalls can seriously delay any transportation on the premises. Plan for emergencies ahead, give us a call today!

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I begin planning for snow removal services for the upcoming winter?

While many businesses wait until the season turns from fall to winter to start thinking about their snow removal, we recommend starting your snow and ice management service planning as early as possible. Most importantly, you should first identify your “want” and “needs” for your business, including your snow tolerances and the type of snow management contract you would like to have.

The best thing to do is simply call us. Ask as many questions as possible, and we’ll provide you with all the information, guidance and advice you need to build the most effective plan for the winter months. The last thing you want is for there to be a gap in your service or a major surprise on your hands when a storm hits.

How can I be more accurate in my snow removal budgeting process?

Determining your budget for snow and ice removal and management doesn’t need to be a headache. At Earth Development Inc., we offer a variety of contract options to help you with your budgeting process. We’ll work closely with you to ensure the best snow removal contract option for you and your business.

Do I need snow and ice management for my commercial property?

The honest answer is that we don’t know… we need to speak with you about your business first! Hiring a commercial snow and ice management company may or may not be a good option for your business. This is exactly why we like to have a discovery session so we can learn as much about your business and your facility as possible before we make any specific recommendations about the best snow removal options for you.